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  1. bikerjohn

    question on persian choker

    I used 20g 11/64 stainless for chokers and love it.
  2. bikerjohn

    Copying a weave?

    can you post a link?
  3. bikerjohn

    Leather ends for bracelets...where to buy?

    wow 12 bucks a piece! i make hundreds of them for my other halfs leathers business and all i get is a bowel of beans and some cornbread if i'm lucky lol
  4. bikerjohn

    photoshop colours

    This is the reason i read a lot here but seldom ask a question! but there are a lot of programs out there that will do that i have several,but it's more work than it's worth.For spell check i like editPad pro works great for lots of things besides spell check.
  5. bikerjohn

    halloween bracelet.jpg

    Nice colors