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  1. Phong

    CGMaille.com Wrong Rings

    Gotcha. I'll update my recommended sizes to reflect this change in your manufacturing process.
  2. Phong

    CGMaille.com Wrong Rings

    Hey guys, I do know for a fact that 16swg 5/16" and 18swg 3/16" can work, as I've done it many times. As Daemon_Lotos mentioned above, I often work in stainless steel and titanium (from TRL) which are on the high side of the springback scale. If you use dead soft copper, or other rings that have little to know springback, the sizes I list might not work for you. And as always, there's a certain amount of "your mileage may vary".
  3. Whelp, it's been quite a while since I've updated CGMaille. The last update I sent out was in February 2009; the intervening time has been filled with many ups and downs and introduced me to many new and unexpected places, people and interests. The upshot of these changes is a drastic decrease in available time to make new tutorials. I think the time has come to make official what's been pretty clear for a while, and announce that there won't be many, if any, new tutorials added to CGMaille moving forward. The tutorials that are already on the site will stay available and free to access. A number of related changes will be forthcoming: -The Store section will be removed and the long-planned book shelved. -The Updates section will be removed and the email database will be deleted. Rest assured the email address you signed up will not leak out to third parties. -The Contact section has been removed, though this is due to a flood of spam messages. If you have questions or comments I encourage you to post on here on TRL or MAIL. There will still be costs associated with keeping the site up and running, so the Donate section will stay operable. I'd like to thank all who have sent in donations, you've helped keep the site running. I'd like to thank also all of you who took the time to write to me your comments, suggestions and corrections. Even when I didn't respond, I did appreciate the sentiment. Happy mailling, -phong
  4. Phong

    Japanese 12-in-2

    Every time someone writes 'u' instead of 'you' three things happen. It makes me pronounce it "ooo" in my head, it makes me disregard their opinion, and it makes me want to punch them in the face. -phong
  5. Phong


    You were gone? Huh. Well, welcome back. Here's keeping fingers crossed you stick with it til next year's Ren Fest. -phong
  6. Phong

    Bracers help

    Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 6 makes very sexy bracers, and works with stretchy rings just fine. -phong
  7. Phong

    Turkish Orbital

    20awg 3/16" was tight even with the stainless. There was some flex between the segments, but making the segments themselves was tight. If you're using a softer metal with less springback than stainless, I'd try to bump the ID up a smidge. -phong
  8. Phong

    CGMaille is down for a while

    Ok, most all the content should be back up, and all links should work. If you find something that doesn't work, don't worry about it. -phong
  9. Phong

    CGMaille is down for a while

    I just realized that the entire updates mailing list was contained on the server; I don't have a local backup of that. So anyone wanting to get update notifications (once I resume updating the site) will have to sign up again. I'm probably going to deactivate signups until I get CGM on its new permanent home. -phong
  10. Phong

    CGMaille is down for a while

    Aight, Daemon_Lotos offered to give CGMaille a temporary home, so I should have it back up tonight. I'm looking around at hosting options, so things should be back to normal before too long. -phong
  11. Phong

    CGMaille is down for a while

    A heads-up, the colossal *bleep*-ups at LunarPages deleted the wrong website than I requested, and nuked CGMaille. I don't know how long it'll take to arrange a new host and get the site back up, so bear with me. -phong is not a happy camper this morning
  12. Phong

    Finished Top

    Right now I like it. Change the neck strap to something that matches the rest of the design more closely (and is more comfortable for the model) and I'll love it. Post pics from the photo shoot and I'll really love it. -phong
  13. Phong

    More images being used without permission

    You obviously don't remember your own response to this when it was first brought up: "I have known about this for some time and I keep an eye on it. However despite some of her info being off she does link to the person concerned and doesn't claim anything for herself. I would suggest emailing her if anything bothers you, I would think she'll either change it or remove it to suit. At the moment it seems good free advertising." Wah wah waaaaah. To any concerned parties, you can check the Google cached page for the image links. Images that are still on her site will display. If you find your own images, contact her in a measured manner, and give her appropriate time to respond. Continuing to freak out about it on an hourly basis will only raise your blood pressure. -phong
  14. Phong

    Half Persian Sheet Weave

    I'd expect it'd be done pretty much the same was as the European weaves. Make a few panels, connect them, fill in the gaps. Probably the Barrel & Straps method would work the easiest, with the Barrel being made from 4 or 6 panels. -phong
  15. Phong

    Edging Suggestions??

    The sides of I4-1 are structurally identical to the HP sheet weaves. GSG and HP3-1S6 work seamlessly; Elfweave can also be extended from the side of I4-1. Since you presumably want a relatively low-profile edging, GSG should do you quite nicely. I don't have a tutorial for specifically adding GSG trim to I4-1, but if you follow along with the GSG tutorial you should be able to figure it out. Just remember that the outside row of I4-1 is one of the rows of GSG, so you only need to add one more row of rings. -phong