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  1. Emils

    galvanized wire discolored

    wonderful news.... well guess i'll see just how close to even I can get it by trying to age it... otherwise the entire roll is a loss... Thanks for the information guys
  2. Emils

    galvanized wire discolored

    Cohort, so your saying that trying to age the wire wont make it evenly colored?
  3. Emils

    Cutting fliuds for the Ringinator EZ

    well blue dawn and water seem to be working. gave it a shot since i couldn't find any water based fluid thanks for the advice
  4. Emils

    galvanized wire discolored

    so then my best option would be to finish off with what i have then maybe age the metal and then try tumbling for a polish?
  5. Emils

    galvanized wire discolored

    Hey folks, seems my roll of 14g galvanized wire got wet and now has spots on it. I've got about 8000 rings cut and woven on a shirt I started that's nice and shinny. is there something I can do to recover the shine on the wire or am I going to be forced to go out and buy new wire? any advice in returning the wire to a shine would be great Thanks in advance.
  6. Emils

    ringinator blades

    Just got my ringinator and would love to hear what other blade resources are out there and if the pricing and durability is comparable.
  7. that's awesome that someone has stuck with this for this length of time.. Tons of knowledge there for all of us to try and draw from!
  8. Emils

    Cutting fliuds for the Ringinator EZ

    Thank you for the reply Losthelm, Im currently working with galvanized wire, which is another reason im concerned with water based fluids. I'm assuming the coffee filter is to recapture any precious metals you may be working with or are your referring to capturing the cut metals for removal and prolonging your fluids life? When I ordered the cutter from Martin i asked for a list of preferred cutting fluids available here in the US, but got nothing, I'll try shooting him an E-mail and ask again, he prolly didn't see the request when the order came in. Thanks again for replying
  9. Greetings all, just recently purchased a Ringinator EZ and im trying to determine what a good cutting fluid some of the more experienced craftsman's here would recommend. The Ringinator says to go with a water based fluid, but I'm thinking that can lead to rust on the tool as well as bacteria on the rings if not changed out often. any advice would be greatly appreciated!