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  1. Vacacita

    I remember this busier.

    *another old-timer pops in* I've been pretty much out of the mailling scene for a few years now. Haven't been making much and most of my free time is spent on other pursuits. Every once in a while I tell myself I need to get back into it, usually when I start feeling like I need to make a real effort to sell stuff. So I swing on by to see what's happening, post a few times, and then drift away again. I wish things were as lively here as they used to be, but at least it's encouraging that there are some new folks showing up to keep the community alive. I am sad that I only have like 50 posts now. It really is too bad that all of that old postage couldn't be saved. This is the sort of thread that drifters will gravitate to, though. Everybody likes reminiscing about the good old days.
  2. This is gnarly stuff. I wish I had some ideas on what to use it for.
  3. Vacacita

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    Yeah, that's the sort of hangups that have kept me from just making the dang website. I actually did start working on something with a Zencart template a few years ago, and it seemed to be going okay so I'd probably go with an updated version of that if I decided to give it another try. But having a storefront on an already established site certainly does have its appeal.
  4. Vacacita

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    Well this is an interesting topic to read. I've been needing to put my work online for years (yes, those of you who go back as far as I do, "make a website" is still languishing on my to-do list), and I've always considered Etsy to be the easier alternative to making my own stand-alone website. I even made an Etsy account like four years ago and only ever put one thing on it. It sounds like Etsy isn't really that great anymore, although for my purposes I really just want someplace where I can display and sell my jewelry and be able to direct people to it when they ask me if I sell my stuff. I already have the webspace and domain name (which currently hosts only my tutorial pages), so maybe I would be better off just buckling down and getting a sales site running there. I will check out some of the other options mentioned here, though.
  5. I would always recommend factoring the time cost into prices, even for people who aren't selling for a living. The biggest reason for anybody to buy your work is... your work. Anybody can buy "the materials" and have a baggie of rings or beads sitting there, but that doesn't get them a nice piece of jewelry or armor or whatever. The wage you want to charge for your labor is up to each person and their needs, but it's certainly not greedy to want to charge a fair wage for work. Especially since we are skilled artisans doing what most people can't do. As far as generating sales, it's a good idea to have products at a range of prices so that anybody who likes your work will be able to find something to buy no matter what their personal budget is. That doesn't mean you mark down all of your prices to appeal to bargain-hunters, but you might have pendants or keychains at a lower price than bracelets and necklaces. The one time I did an in-person art/craft show (in a small rural town) I made about $700 in sales but didn't sell a single thing over $100. And I would consider everything I sold to be fairly priced based on what I put into it. So while it obviously would have been nice to sell a few more elaborate pieces, I still made out okay because I had some smaller items that appealed to people's wallets as well as their artistic sensibilities, and I didn't sell myself short on anything.
  6. Vacacita

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    I've never been a big fan of Inverted Round. It's just kinda... not that pretty, I guess. It's got a decent geometry to it, but I've just never found it that interesting to look at. I'm also not that fond of HP 3-1, especially as compared to HP 4-1. Those are based more on aesthetics than ease of weaving, although I'm sure if I thought about it I could remember some weaves I've tried once and never wanted to do again. Theresa
  7. Vacacita

    Cheap Sterling anyone?

    Personally I wouldn't buy it because it's worth it to me to stick to the "real" thing, as a matter of perceived value - the biggest factor in the price of my jewelry is the time, and people will be more willing to pay premium prices for precious metals. (Gold-filled is a slightly different matter, since the price of gold really is prohibitively high and makes a much bigger difference in the materials cost, and most people won't regard the gold-filled as "cheap" just because it's not straight gold. Although I did have one lady at a show stick her nose up at my "just gold-filled" stuff.) I can see this appealing to people who do want the middle-ground between price and quality, though, so there might be enough of a market to make it worth carrying. Theresa
  8. Vacacita

    Good Heavens, everyone is BACK!

    Is this the thread for people to say hi after being gone for a long time? Well... hi. I've been caught up in a bunch of different stuff for a while (some productive, some not so much) and only doing a little bit of maille in between. Moved to Texas a year ago, just celebrated three years with my boyfriend, still working up the ambition to put my stuff up for sale online. Moving to the big city has put me in touch with some cool real-life beaders, so hanging out with them gives me a chance to work on some maille too. I still need to haul most of my crafting stuff down here, including my maille trenchcoat which is in pretty good shape but still not technically done. I'm not sure how often I'll be checking back (especially since the place seems a little, er, slow these days), but it's nice to pop in and look around every once in a while. Theresa (who is also sad to see she only has 43 posts... I take it a lot of stuff got eaten by a board change somewhere?)
  9. Vacacita

    Morion (Conquistador Helm) - TRL scales accent

    That is nuts, dude. The scales are incorporated brilliantly. Theresa
  10. Vacacita

    Preview of mah book, Part 1

    *signs up* Theresa
  11. Vacacita

    Preview of mah book, Part 1

    This isn't a bad idea. I know a lot of beading and jewelry books have an inspirational gallery section showing creative ways people have used the basic techniques in the book. And I have some idea where Phong might be able to get some nice pictures if he wanted to include a variety of other artists. So Phong... family members get comped copies, right? Theresa
  12. Vacacita

    Need help planning a very personal choaker

    I'm a fan of TRL's burgundy enameled copper, which I've used both by itself and with sterling silver. Here are a couple of pictures I have laying around: Euro 4-1 in 20awg 1/8" burgundy EC Japanese 12-2 (12-4?) in 20awg 1/8" burgundy EC and 22awg 5/64" sterling silver The coating of the EC has a nice glow to it, and I haven't seen it chip except when I accidentally mar it with my pliers. Occasionally the saw-cut ends show a little of the underlying metal (I can see one like that in the Japanese pendant), but generally it looks pretty good. Theresa
  13. Vacacita

    Need a mannequin torso

    But if I follow this advice, to not follow any of your advice... *head explodes* Ridley, you could always try the t-shirt + duct tape method for making yourself a mannequin. It might take some finessing if you want to use it for display, but it's a cheap (and potentially entertaining) idea if you've got the time and an assistant.
  14. Well my parents picked a fine time to go out of town and leave me to hold down the fort. I wish I could have been there to join in the fun and meet everybody, but it was nice getting to hang out with RoseThorn and Cynake on their way back through. And the pictures are certainly enjoyable. Theresa
  15. Vacacita

    Need new pliers!

    I'm a fan of the Xuron short nose pliers that TRL sells.