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  1. Kilroy

    New User Thread

    gee its been so long I cant even navigate the site any more. Hi my name is Dennis (screen name Kilroy) and I've been a chainmaille addict (off and on) since 1970. Back then I had to make my own rings and the work was pretty limited to hauberks for SCA guys. Now we have lotsa weaves, techniques including inlays, and every kind of ring or support tools imaginable. thank you RingLord I've been gone a few years, but I'm back now (and retired).. I-m gonna go see if the facebook room is working.
  2. Kilroy


    the skirt is Jhex 6:1 using 2 size rings. By depleting (skipping) alternate large rings (and the 6 small ones fastened to each) the result looks like 6-petal flowers joined at the edges. I keep getting requests for a variation using bright colors for the flowers and green for the diagonals like a vine. If up-left is green the up-right diagonal and waist/girdle can be shiny aluminum (silver).. apparently magic user elves find iron and other metals toxic, except silver, which powers them. thus the only metal armor they can wear is silver?
  3. Kilroy


    this is actually a coif and mantle using 5 ring sizes and 5 weave patterns
  4. Kilroy


    EU41 depleated (diagonals removed to form diamonds)
  5. Kilroy

    New User Thread

    personal info: been mailling since 1973, keep telling myself I'm gonna find a hobby to replace it, but .... I haven't posted for a couple years, had to re-register today Last time I was in here, I posted some pics of a 'Cleopatra' gold outfit, and co-incidentally the model/owner 'found' me again a couple weeks ago, suggested I get back to mailling. Never could tell her 'no' anyhoooo, gonna order some rings, play with them awhile, and post some pics. Ah do suspect there's been a lot posted to catch up on first, howsever. PS still living in Clayton, CA, where the cattle still outnumber the people. Amazingly, we actually have internet access, iphones, and indoor plumbing way out here in the boonies. What to do at Starbucks? sign in here, of course