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  1. antmanx68

    Engineered plastic 4 and 1 w/ Lamellar

    Halloween at work 2013. Rinds for shirt are large engineered rings from TRL.
  2. antmanx68

    Engineered plastic sleeves.

    I've been very pleased with the large black engineered plastic rings. With a little finishing they really pass for some costume grade 4 in 1 armor. Dwarven inspired bracers also recently done in leather. After seeing the Hobbit a couple of times I had to scratch the itch.
  3. antmanx68

    Plastic rings make the world go round.

    Thanks for the responses. I haven't tried to glue them since my uses will be costume only. They click together pretty tight on their own and there's some natural tension that helps keep them closed. They're actually kind of hard to re-open if you make a mistake. They are a bit pricey too but for me they are perfect because I want weathered looking, beaten up mail without any of the drawbacks you might get using metals (rust, smell, paint chipping, etc). I've made several pieces out of BA and the price and weight are fine. They do need to be etched and painted unless you want perfectly clean looking BA (which I don't). The big appeal of these plastic rings to me are that you don't need pliers to put them together and you can paint them to look however you want. The no pliers makes weaving literally twice as fast for me.
  4. antmanx68

    Plastic 4 in 1

    Silver Rub n' Buff. It will take a while to fully dry because the rings are smooth but it works like magic. When the shirt is done I'll stipple on tiny rusted areas with Tandy brand gel leather dye.
  5. Have to give some praise to TRL here. I pretty much got into mailing to have cool looking, hassle free armor. Got into leather working first, got decent at that and then got into chain mail a bit. I've never been concerned with actual stopping power or historical accuracy, just looking cool for ren faires and having fun making my own stuff. TRL got me roped into galvy, and aluminum rings and mild steel scales (which I love love love), but I've still longed for some awesome plastic mail options. These new engineered plastic rings are the answer. They are awesome. They're easy to paint and they pretty much are the solution I've been seeking for the last 8 years or so after Weta Workshop put this idea of plastic mail in my brain. With a little paint they'll look as real as you want, they seem to be quite stout and are well worth it in case anyone was wondering about them.
  6. antmanx68

    Plastic 4 in 1

    Engineered plastic rings painted to look like weathered steel. These things are awesome.
  7. antmanx68

    416996 10100983075570522 160674929 N

    5/16" Galvy shirt and mantle.
  8. antmanx68

    156148 10101210359711282 532883399 N

    Large mild steel scale shirt.
  9. antmanx68

    TRL scales used in Immortals

    I say ponytail for lack of a better term. It was a long, funnel shaped scale thing coming out of the back of the head and hung down his back. They were definitely TRL large scales. Lots of people hated the movie a lot. I'm personally a Tarsem Singh and Henry Cavill fan so there was a lot for me to like.
  10. antmanx68

    TRL scales used in Immortals

    If you just let it happen and don't overanalyze it then it's great. I personally loved it. I thought the art direction was phenomenal.
  11. antmanx68

    TRL scales used in Immortals

    Hey, just thought I'd share this in case anyone cared. I got a chuckle watching the new movie Immortals tonight when I spotted TRL large scale rings used for one of the bad guys. It was one of Hyperion's principal henchmen. He had a long scale "ponytail" coming out of the back of his hood, a long scale sleeve on one arm and a column of scales going down the center of his face mask. Pretty cool I say.
  12. antmanx68

    Ring size help

    Weta workshop is magic. Originally they did make them out of straight up PVC pipe in a deli slicer like machine but it's down to a science now. I have made some plastic mail before that looked very decent but was a pain to keep the rings closed. You can check out Dai Mogwai's Indy mogul tutorial on making your own plastic rings out of silver colored plastic bindings for calendars and such. Weta now has a factory in china that produces high end suits of plastic mail for films. All of the suits for Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood are theirs. The rings are Injection molded so that they snap shut ala shower curtain rings. No pliers needed. It truly is the Holy Grail of costume mail. Shame they do not sell them publicly.
  13. antmanx68

    Ring size help

    Thanks for the reply. It will be strictly costume, no hitting. I'm only choosing regular aluminum for the light weight and metallic look (Bright alum is too shiny for me). I'm a very large person and a shirt of steel would weight a ton and be no fun to walk around in all day. This is for Halloween / Ren Faire use. I'm very familiar with LOTR books and films and I'm just using Boromir's film shirt as an example. It's pretty much the same type of ring used with all mailed Men of Gondor wore in the films. Those rings are square but I haven't found a supplier for that, I'm just trying to get loosely the same look. Here is an example of a previous piece made with 12G 1/2"ID aluminum. I like it but I want a "tighter" looking weave without so much space between hanging rings. I guess 12G 7/16" would be my best bet then. Will is still move enough to be worn as a shirt? If anyone had examples of 4-1 done with this size rings I'd love to see them.
  14. antmanx68

    Ring size help

    Hey TRL! I've been dormant for a while, making little projects here and there. Currently I'm finishing up a galvy half shirt with short sleeves (to be worn under surcoat or tunic) but I need a little help on my next project. I want to make a shirt or hauberk with regular alum rings, thick guage, biggish ring size. I've experimented before with some 12g 7/16 rings and although the 4-1 worked fine- it just left a little too much space between the rings for my liking. I was wondering if anyone had any 4-1 experience using 12g rings. What's the smallest ID you'd use to maintain movement and flexibility? I'm going for a Boromir-esque sort of look to the shirt.
  15. antmanx68

    Round Scale pic request.

    Hi everyone, I was interested in seeing some pieces using TRL's new round scales. I've looked on the boards and gallery and haven't seen anything. The only pic I could find is the example on the main page. I wanted to know if anyone could post an example of a project they've done using these. Or maybe just a link to some. I'm trying to get an idea of how these scales hang when being worn. Thanks a lot.