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    Yea, I'm crazy ... So
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    Names Anthony...I make stuff, I drink, I smoke, I am playfully violent
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    straight up downtown Bmore somewhere at the Ground Zero warehouse
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    got into this mess cause the gf said I looked sexy in armor...we are such fools for the fairer ...
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    o6 for scale
  1. Saint Bastard

    scale bikini red/gold/blue

    Nice to see small scales for a top. Too many are just knocking out large scale pieces that hang like metal potatoe sacks.
  2. Saint Bastard


  3. Saint Bastard


  4. Saint Bastard


  5. Saint Bastard

    Danielle Blue... War Kitten

    Modified Moresca...
  6. Saint Bastard

    IMG AshleyLoveModel in Pink

    So... If Frederick's of Hollywood carried Armored Lingerie...
  7. Saint Bastard

    Large Plastic scales... Bulk?

    Any plans on offering large Plastic scales in bulk? Cheers
  8. Saint Bastard

    Shield Scale Kits and FREE Instructions!

    Hi B ;] Is it possible to get the shield scales UN-punched, or, different punch patterns ? Thanks in advance ... Cheers
  9. Saint Bastard

    Scaled War Kilt ...

    Modified Utilikilt [carpenters], Anodized Aluminium bronze large. Will have to do the scale/weight math to see how much I actually added on. Here is another shot. Thank You, yours bastardly https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/1013145_10151762857379669_70646529_n.jpg
  10. Saint Bastard

    Scaled War Kilt ...

    An obsession of mine for a while now. Mk I, Mod III ... if I'm counting correctly. Enjoy ;]http://
  11. Saint Bastard

    Scaled Kilt Mk.I ModIII

    Two great things in my life that had to crash together.

    © Saint Bastard Designs

  12. Saint Bastard

    Very nice
  13. Saint Bastard

    WTB AA-LG-Pink

    LOL Sorts that out ... ty
  14. Saint Bastard

    WTB AA-LG-Pink

    I'm looking for a few hundred at least. 600 hundred would be preferred.