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    I’ve always been artsy & love personalizing my clothing and jewelry to create a unique look.
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    chainmaille, making jewelry, writing (currently working on dark fantasy novel), reading
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    student, running a bead website ForTheLoveOfBeads.com
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  1. Emi

    recent basic banner

    great work! inlays seem so tricky but I think I will have to attempt one once I get my new pliers... I think I need a big project to work on for awhile or I will never use up enough of the rings I have to justify getting more.
  2. Emi

    A little three letter weave...

    very cool. I love tiny little rings but I need a better space to work in, I constantly lose them under my desk
  3. Emi

    my 3rd shirt in 2 years

    wow! such impressive work!
  4. Emi

    For all you guitar pickers.

    neat idea!
  5. Emi

    My little buddies

    I like how you used a smaller ring for Blue at the front, kinda looks like he is sticking out his tongue very cute!
  6. Emi

    Man and Beast (Inlay)

    wow! very impressive !
  7. Emi

    Snakes for background

    I think it could work alright if you did more of a close up on the actual jewelry and used the snake more as a background as opposed to making sure to get the whole snake in the picture. People would wonder what it was in the background but its kinda artsy and fun gorgeous snake tho. the kind of thing I always wish I had to wear draped across my shoulders when a salesman knocks on my door, see which ones would just run away hehe
  8. I really like the knit and chainmail one, cool idea. Also the little chainmail heart is super cute!
  9. Emi

    Evening Gowns and Chainmaille?!?

    nice work! its nice to see people use chainmail is such a variety of ways and this is very classy can't wait to see what you come up with for this year
  10. Emi

    First attempt at a top

    awesome! looks really cool with the dangles and the blue under
  11. Emi

    Plumata WIP

    wow! looks great! (but I think only "gentlemen" were supposed to behold it )
  12. Emi

    White Wedding

    beautiful work! the twisted rings really do look like lace and the cameo is a great choice - I'm sure your friend will love it
  13. Emi

    New Dancing Belt

    very nice work! such a fun belt
  14. Emi

    New clasp design

    very slick, I am impressed