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  1. DWD

    Dragonscale...just me?

    Ski098, thanks very much for these tips and the detailed technical info. I'll definitely try some ridged pliers (hubby an I probably both have some) and will also definitely round the edges of the pliers. I've already learned this trick working w/ sterling rings ... regular el cheapo beading pliers leave horrible gouges unless the edges are rounded. the idea of using locking pliers is also appealing because my wrists aren't very strong yet. only problem w/ this is that it breaks up the rhythm of finishing one ring and picking up the next. I hope I can get my strength to the point where locking pliers aren't necessary for me. I bought 18 ga rings from BlueBhudda. One of the staff folks worked out a good weave w/ somewhat larger stainless steel rings plus bronze rings. should be gorgeous. the fact that the stainless rings are larger means that they'll be a little easier to close, in theory. my first attempt to CLOSE one of these stainless rings was hilarious. I could move the two ends of the ring back and forth and back and forth ... but couldn't move the two ends toward one another (I kept telling myself that the goal is to CLOSE the ring, not to let the two ends "wave" at each other!!) I finally closed one ring and laughed at myself a lot. now I know that I can work with these rings but that it will take concentration for me to get used to the heavier metal. I'm set to go, all I need is time to play. thanks once again for all your thoughtful advice. you don't need to reply to this post unless you'd like to continue the conversation (fine by me if you do... I wanted you to know that you've answered all my questions.) Mary
  2. DWD

    Dragonscale...just me?

    Ski098, thanks for your suggestion to use bent nose pliers on stainless. great idea - I would not have thought of this but you are absolutely right. this will help a lot. when you are working with stainless rings, what type of pliers do you use? I have some very nice pliers normally intended for sterling made by Lindstrom - smooth inner jaws, strong.... expensive. do you use "hardware store" type pliers with a ridged inner surface, or do you use smooth-jawed pliers? regardless of the smooth / ridged answer, where do you buy pliers intended for use w/ stainless steel? you mentioned working with 12-14 gauge stainless rings. whew, that's a large gauge. I had originally intended to make my bracelet using 16 gauge stainless rings, but Spider told me that most women (and that would be me, I'm not ashamed to admit this) would not be able to close 16 gauge stainless rings. I would NOT be using spring temper rings. I'd be using "jewelry" rings but not sure what temper this is. I have a few rings from TRL in their sample kits. I'll dig these out and see whether I can close the aluminum rings. this will allow me to figure out whether I might be able to close 16 ga stainless. if not the bracelet would be made from 18 ga. advice on pliers welcome. thanks so much for the assessment of strength needed to close stainless vs aluminum. all the best, Mary
  3. DWD

    Dragonscale...just me?

    roopurt5, thanks for the information AND for the link to the guitar strap pics. the guitar strap is gorgeous. I really like the way that colors were mixed and aligned on the strap to create such a nice pattern. I'll be making bracelets, and I might still need rings that are somewhat smaller for the bracelets. but I'll keep these ring sizes in mind for larger projects - this turned out very well. thanks again!
  4. DWD

    Dragonscale...just me?

    Caden_Vekk, this version of Dragonscale sounds gorgeous. definitely either keep this for yourself or make another one quickly!! What made you decide to use two different gauges for your ring sizes, and how did you decide on these two ring sizes? The ARs are not close to the ring sizes I've seen in one pattern recommendation - 16 ga 19/64 = AR 5.88 16 ga 3/16 = AR 3.69 your ARs work out to 16 ga 3/8 = AR 7.38 (this is 1.25 times the size of the pattern above) 14 ga 1/4 = AR 3.9 (this is 1.06 times the size of the pattern above) this is NOT meant to criticize your choices. I'm sure your weave is beautiful and hangs very well. rather I'm trying to learn - I'm still fairly new in making chain mail. Does the Dragonscale weave have a lot of leeway in choosing the smaller and larger ring sizes? If this leeway exists, this may help me a lot because I'm trying to choose the best sizes of stainless steel to make a bracelet. The Ring Lord doesn't have the larger ring size in 19/64, so I'm trying to figure out what to use instead. your recommendations are welcome. your decision to use bronze in your smaller rings will look stunning in your guitar strap. I may offer my customers the option of having either bronze or coppper as their smaller rings ... thank you very much for this idea. Mary
  5. DWD

    Dragonscale...just me?

    Alexander, your vest is gorgeous. I'm posting in reply to your message because the material in your vest is the closest to the metal I'd like to use for a dragonscale bracelet - I'd like to use stainless steel. I've made some chain mail but not a lot yet. newbie probably still fits. may I ask a few questions for anyone to respond to? 1. how much arm and wrist strength are needed to work 16 ga stainless steel? My wrists aren't weak but I haven't tried making armor yet. I've been working in sterling silver and copper. this sounds like an unanswerable question, but someone could say, the Ring Lord's stainless is about twice as stiff as sterling ... or whatever your assessment is. 2. for 16 gauge, I've seen two ring sizes recommended: 19/64 = 7.54 mm for large ring 3/16 = 4.76 for small ring The Ring Lord doesn't carry 16 ga 19/64 stainless rings. I'd have a choice between 1/4 = 6.35mm for the large ring or 5/16 = 7.94mm for large ring. Seems to me that using 5/16 would work better. but can someone tell me whether 5/16 ID would make the dragonscale weave too loose? advice appreciated. I have two or possibly three bracelet orders depending on your advice, hopeful smile. Mary