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    3D Printing Process: 'The FOC Punch Bag'

    If you have a go at doing 3d modeling yourself. Even the most simplest 3d programs can do "rings". you can get them printed at http://www.shapeways.com pricing is by quantity of material used, not by size of the piece made. So in effect you are not paying for the holes in the rings. Variety of material and strength as well. Jade
  2. JadeDragon

    Good Heavens, everyone is BACK!

    Hi Chanti! There's a few of us coming out of the woodwork these past few weeks. I am well and just got back to mailling these past couple months. Jade
  3. JadeDragon

    Waves Hi!

    Long time no see. I'm back to chainmaille and other bits of things. My first show is next weekend 12, 13, 14th. it's a fund raiser for a local rescue group. And I'm trying to find another show before Christmas, but we'll see... I even have my callouses back, Jade
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    Waves Hi!

    Thanks guys! It's good to be remembered . Well the show got canceled at the last minute. So now I'm sitting here with a pile of stock. I hope they reschedule something before Christmas. <_<
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    HOLY CRAP, I'm not dead

    Welcome back! I too have just returned after being gone for a while. I hope everything is healing well and back on the road of being healthy again. Jade
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    Awesome metal chinese dragon

    wow those are massive. I was expecting from the title to be a 3d rendering place. This is much, much cooler. I want one...or two... Jade
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    Remember me?

    **Piles anyone in reach in a big group hug** I feel like I am coming home after a long journey. It hasn't been the best couple of years wading through all this. But on the brighter side it looks like I may be 100% debt free inside two years. That is super duper extra great! I seriously could not have traveled this path on my journey, if it wasn't for you guys. Even while away I never forgot what you did for me when I needed it most. NOW, I'm in the home stretch. I haven't felt this good in about 5 years and I'm doing positive things daily to keep me forward. One of those positive things is to go back doing the things I truly enjoy doing and that is crafting - including chainmaille and costuming. The other positive thing is to lose 127lbs. I gained nearly 70lbs during these last couple years because my energy was so low I turned to food. Not the wisest choice I ever made. lol. But I will get there. In RL, i've been promoted to Senior graphic and web designer. As well as receiving a pretty good raise. It's kept me on my feet and head above the flood zone. Happy Days! Jade
  8. JadeDragon

    Remember me?

    **waves hi** I'm back to chainmailling! whoo! Sorry to drop off the planet, but I had to concentrate on getting better and being healthy. I'm two years free and just need to loose a bit of weight to be back to normal. I've missed you guys! Jade
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    Yes, that's me on that leash....

    Well done! Very elegant and stylish. Congrats to the girls as well, they did a very good job - especially for being fairly new to the dance. Jade
  10. JadeDragon

    A rant: I am now on Trespass Notice

    That is utterly ridiculous! I agree with Gannon to go after these ignorant people. On the flip side, would it be easier on you if you did get a lettered collar for chuckles saying that the pup is an assist dog? Hardly anyone takes anything at face value anymore. You have the right to privacy, in that I whole heartedly agree. But if I was a store owner and I had someone walk in with a dog however small then I would ask that person to leave. Most people only view assist dogs as one type - eye dogs or sever disability dogs. Large, with a handle, and a bright orange jacket. Since seizures are a hidden disability, it's not obvious why you need the dog. However, these people when far and beyond human decency in the way they treated you and you should nail their asses to the wall on this. I can see all kinds of harassment and prejudice charges against these people. The media would help getting the word out on the different types of assist dogs. May even help your case against the store. However, it would mean totally giving up your privacy for a couple weeks as the story blows through. I can understand your feelings about not doing that. Keep on it through proper channels. Don't let this go. ((hugs)) Jade
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    Design Theft

    I got chased out of an area at the MN Ren fair for taking photos of the merchant area ( I was a good 15 yards away). Funny thing was - we were actually talking about buying a leather vest from that merchant for my roommate. We were wearing "court garb" aka vlevets that day - so it at least looked like we could buy it. I actually told off the guy too. I take several hundred photos there - every time I go. I do costumes - but not much in leather work. ~~~~~ The no photos please is a good way to limit the copiers. But - there's no way to 100% guarantee that someone won't copy a design. Or you may find a design that looks real close to your unique design - but the person came up with it them selves. After all how many times does someone post "I've a new weave" when it fact it's been done before. After several hundred years of chainmaille - I really, truly wonder if there is such a thing as being totally original. -------- If you put it on the table, or on the net or even sell it - it's out of your control if the person wants to copy it. You can go through the expense of doing a pattent, but as soon as someone makes a varient of that weave or "finished piece" the patent doesn't cover the altered piece. Unless you also want to go after every person who copied you - and that would be dang expensive. If you notice it, kindly tell them to stop. But in reality, there are knockoffs to everything, designer clothes, jeans, purses, jewelry even beenie babies were copied off. We copy the moment we start learning the weaves. Unless you do something so unique and specific to your design - then I wouldn't consider it stealing a design. It is unethical, yes, but unless you only design for yourself and not put it in the public eye - then expect your designs to be copied. Then decide what you really want to do about it, how much effort is it going to take to detur these people, and follow up. --------- It's really late, I'm really tired, and that post probably made no sense what-so-ever. lol
  12. JadeDragon

    cloak question

    I did a Jedi costume once. Got second place in a costume competition - won the guy $150. Looks like you are doing it yourself? Have you sewn before? Check out the local fabric store and look for a "wizards robe" to start with. You may even find a jedi type costume pattern like this. http://www.simplicity.com/dv1_v4.cfm?design=5840 I used about a 5oz weight worsted wool. worsted wool has a smoother and tighter weave. It's not water proof, but it was the lighter cloak of the jedi style and it looked fabulous when I was done. http://www.uh.edu/engines/twoyarns.jpg I mocked my own pattern, but - I suggest doing a fold back on the hood with an extra layer of stiff facing. This will keep the hood from collapsing around your face. I also face the entire hood if I want a little bit more stiffness and form. ~~~~~~~~~ My regular cloak is a 16oz natural wool with a cotton cord duct lining. weighs about 30lbs dry. but being all natural I've worn it in all kinds of weather from -60F to +80F - I've stayed dry in rainstorms and snowstorms. I've also had it about 13 years now.
  13. JadeDragon

    Website Shopping Cart

    http://www.zen-cart.com/ Should do the trick for you. PHP based and many hosts support it.
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    Off the wall business plan question

    Katya4me, honestly I would suggest finding a different business model to use for your classes. A hobby/craftsman business has a different business structure than a production or retail business. I don't think that basing your MBA information on the small numbers you carry for your hobby business is going to be as beneficial as it could be when you go through the technical aspects of your business plan and financial management courses. A business that relies on individual pieces has much higher overhead, costs, and labor than a massed produced item. It is also very hard to nearly impossible to produce accurate projections of the business viability. On the flip side, if you were to choose a mass production scale, then there would be much more stable numbers to base your equations. Raw material + packaging + labor + shipping + broker (if over seas) + shipping (to warehouse)+ warehouse + shipping (distribution) + administrative/sales labor + advertising + internal accounting/paperwork + customer service + warranty costs + overhead (lights, heat, electric, lease, insurance, computer equipment, other equipment, bar code fees, pencils, paper, printables, signs, everything it takes to outfit an office) Then you take all those costs for a true cost of operation and divide by the number of pieces (if only have one product) then add profit. The wholesale price is then about 60% less than a typical retail price. So if you then base that on 10,000 pieces of the same product you'll have good solid formulas to work with as you learn in school. And if you want to apply the same to your chainmaille, then you would see how the differences apply from a typical real world production business to a craftsman/hobby business. You'll also want to think about how you are going to apply your knowledge when you get out of school. Are you going to represent the craftsman? or the bigger corporations? Will you be prepared if you use your hobby as a business scenario? Wouldn't you want to have the experience in school using corporate numbers as you learn? Just some thoughts. Jade
  15. JadeDragon

    A question about websites!!!!!

    For something that doesn't create a new window, but does very nicely popup, do a search for "lightbox". It's a javascript based overlay popup that doesn't open a new window. There's a few versions out now. It's super easy to use as it only requires a link to the .js page and rel link in the url. or something like that. Jade
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    Got my first order!

    Once you get some experience dealing with the metals it will be come easier to determine what's what just by look and feel. happy sorting! I think everyone has had that moment. Jade
  17. I just got a letter yesterday from Mayo Clinic. "Your account balance of $42,660.86 will be reduced by $39,660.86." OMG!!! ****dancing around like she just won teh lottery!!*** Unfreaking believable. (well considering how much paper work I filled out two months ago...heh) I only owe Mayo $3,000. seriously this has be crying with joy! :D:D:D:D:D Jade
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    How small is this?

    That's crazy! I gave up on 1/16" rings. I hope you have a super macro setting on that camera of yours.
  19. JadeDragon

    I Hate My Car

    I'm glad you are safe! Last time I had anything like that happen is when I unavoidably ran over a piece of metal strapping laying on the road, blew out one tire right away and had a slow leak in the other. Two tires and two weeks later a third one went. meh. Jade
  20. JadeDragon

    holy unbelievable freaking amazing!!!

    Thanks everyone! {{{ BIG HUGS }}} to everyone on TRL especially those who sent encouragement, support, and lent me a shoulder to lean on. Jade
  21. JadeDragon

    holy unbelievable freaking amazing!!!

    nope, fully reduced to only owing $3,000. That's it. It's unbelievable. I had to read the letter three times to make sure it said what it said. I only need to pay $100 a month from April 5th onward.
  22. JadeDragon

    holy unbelievable freaking amazing!!!

    Thanks everyone! Even though this is a big chunk off the total, every bit that was sent through here and TRL went to bills. Paying off an estimated $3,500 of past due bills over the last 9 months. I went from owing over $62K now down to right around $18k, which is just freaking amazing. Still a small road to go, but at least I'm walking in sunshine. I got the one year checkup in February, which showed all the tests completely negative. yay! I've a little high blood pressure and have a slight iron deficiency - both of which are due to my weight gain. I still have one more year that I'm officially "in remission" before the doctors declare an all clear. The only thing that I've done for myself is buy a membership to an exercise club around the corner from my house. Had to. I'm way over weight and unfit to the point of being unhealthy. SO, I go in a few times a week. My goal now is to lose 60lbs by the end of this year, and another 40lbs by mid summer 2009. That is a realistic 8 to 10 lbs a month. The doctors expect that my high blood pressure and anemia will return to normal once I lose 30lbs or so. No meds, though I do have a vitamin supplement, and was told to just keep an eye on things. I'm taking the initiative and really going after raising some money locally as well as on the net, through selling my jewelry and artwork, stories, a recipe book, and selling a lot of accumulated things in the house. I'll post a link next week with the list. There's a couple hundred cds, some exercise equipment that I don't have room to use, and other odd furniture things. All in all 2008 is starting off well and I'm definitely in a new beginning phase of life. Love it! Jade
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    holy unbelievable freaking amazing!!!

    I filled out about an inch thick of paperwork, copies of my entire life from the past 3 years, tax statements, copies of paychecks, etc. from there - their financial office applied to funds, foundations, etc. I was granted $500 each from two foundations and the rest from another foundation. I still have about $18,000 total misc debt from not being able to work extra, defaulting on bills and back owed taxes. BUT this is so completely doable. I'm still pursuing small fund raisers mostly by sellling my jewelry and such. Even so - this is something that I feel that I can pay off in a reasonable amount of time 5-7 years not the 20+ years that the full amount would have sentenced me to. I'm as giddy as a school girl at a birthday party. (which this is a really good birthday present as my birthday was Tuesday) Jade
  24. JadeDragon

    New baby on the way.

    Congratulations! Here's to wishing everything goes well.
  25. JadeDragon

    Good starting place for chainmail Jewelry?

    In the kit: Jewelers Brass, Nickel Silver in 16ga 1/4'', 0.2 lb of ea of Stainless, Copper, Nickel Silver in 18ga 3/16'', 0.1 lb of ea of Stainless, Bronze, Nickel Silver 20ga 1/8'', 0.05 lb of ea of Stainless, Bronze, Nickel Silver in 22ga 3/32'' Can do these weaves. any of the sizes = byzantine, euro 4-1, box, cir, half persian, elfweave