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  1. Nicely done TxKnight
  2. Thank you Clarissa knocked it out the park.
  3. I really need to make another outfit like this. Serena makes it work.
  4. the air brushing was intended for a matched to a stainless steel and black outfit. The photographer that shot that look never got me images. Hannah just had the wonderful physique and the air brushing worked with the green anyway.
  5. belated thank you for compliments1
  6. still one of my favorite images of me. Morgan definitively rocked being Joan of Arc.
  7. yeah, the twins have been tough to beat for that kind of concept shoot.
  8. one of steampunk inspired color schemes
  9. I had not posted in a while so I figure it was a good time to present a little more of Becca.
  10. Joan of Arc in my armory
  11. Becca getting a little dirty
  12. Rayna rocking red and shiny gold