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  1. A wonderful lady...
  2. © TinkaKBurns

  3. more theme than just the armor, I hope you enjoy it the shot

    © Hidden Rock Ranch Photography and

  4. all about the pose...
  5. Tessia is the Lady in Black. Shot by James Fotoz
  6. Jessica as shot by James Fotoz

    © James Fotoz

  7. My compliments to a great photographer, model, and painter. This about layering the right pieces, nailing the make, choosing the right theme, nailing the image, and a bit of post editing.
  8. By the way, this is why I just order $780 worth of materials.
  9. Sorry about blocking the view. It was a great day! #arcaniajc
  10. I had a great Saturday. It is safe to say my work stood out from the rest of the fashion show. #arcaniajc
  11. it is a sad day...
  12. when will see extra large bronze scales? I need for my two best selling color / design schemes.