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  1. the-armorer

    Ami's armor now

  2. the-armorer

    Natalie Oliver 001

  3. the-armorer

    Marti Jo

    Pretty in purple
  4. the-armorer

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    I keep seeing comments about SS16516 being two months, two weeks, one month. I was about to drop an order for 12,000 scales. I would like to know if I should wait to order or look for another supplier for the rings.
  5. the-armorer

    A Serena DSC 6752 Miss America

    I cannot image anyway that piece could be comfortable. I do not line them to keep maintenance simple.
  6. the-armorer


    Lady in Black
  7. the-armorer


    Elf with Klingon tendencies
  8. the-armorer

    Hybrid Plates by the-armorer

    Hybrid armor plates

    © Lyle Miller the plates; Dale Nathan the image

  9. the-armorer

    Gallery Upload Problems

    I logged in with Chrome and was able to upload.
  10. the-armorer

    Gallery Upload Problems

    still no joy, I am using Internet Explorer. Is there a browser limitation?
  11. the-armorer

    Gallery Upload Problems

    Hi, Last night and today I tried to upload images to the gallery with no success. I get to the "submit" button and nothing positive happens from there. I am attempting to load here as a test.