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  1. billintpa

    Bruins Jersey back

    As a Bostonian, let me just say... That is wicked cool!
  2. billintpa

    Sold my first piece

    I was sitting in my Quantitative Methods class and one of the girls in class asked about my bracelet (16ga. 5/16" BA Alligator Back 9" total length). She asked if she could get one for her husband and I agreed. The more she held the one that I had been wearing, the more she liked it and asked, "How much?" I told her $25. She asked if I would take $20. Being a classmate and someone that has already helped me with understanding what we are learning in class, I gave her the discount. Excited about my first sale. Hopefully, many more to come.
  3. billintpa

    Which Weave

    Thanks BM. Zero- I'll give that a shot.
  4. billintpa

    Which Weave

    Hey everyone. I need some help trying to figure out what weave I should use. Our Krewe has challenge coins and I would like to make a 'bezel' for them to wear as a necklace. This is what I did for mine. It is a 2 in 1 on each side with all of the connectors keeping them together. The ones in the picture are 16ga 3/16" SS. I currently have and tried working with 16ga 7/32", 16ga 1/4", and 18ga 1/4" BA, but nothing seams to work. The coin is 2in x 1/8in thick (51mm x 3mm). I am wondering if anyone can suggest a weave and maybe the best size rings, or help guide me in a direction to calculate what size rings would be best by using A.R.'s, I.D.'s and gauge sizes. I would like something a little 'sleeker' (not so much fringe). I appreciate your help and guidance.
  5. billintpa

    JPL Necklace with C Clasp - Clasp Closeup.png

    Very nice. If I may venture a guess, 1/4" I.D. Stainless Steel flat washers?
  6. billintpa


    Wow! That is sweet!
  7. billintpa


    Nice Tal. I have a Challenge coin that I am trying to wrap. It is a little thicker than a standard monetary coin. What weave did you use. Everything I am trying is not giving me enough 'bite' on the edges to keep it in place. I have tried 16ga. 7/32" and 1/4" BA.
  8. billintpa

    New Projects

    I love the necklace with the scales. Very classy looking. Great pics with the light box. I need to make one for myself. Which code from Photobucket are you using?
  9. billintpa

    New Projects

    I couldn't figure out how to upload the images to my account, so I uploaded them to the General Gallery under the heading of Bracelets and Anklets. When I clicked on "My Media" that is how they appeared. Moondrake, how did you upload your images?
  10. billintpa

    Half Persian

    18ga. 1/4" BA 4-1 Half Persian
  11. billintpa

    4-1 Half Persian

    16ga. 5/16" SS 4-1 Half Persian
  12. billintpa

    AA Box Chain

    16ga. 1/4" Red And Champane AA Box Chain
  13. billintpa

    BA Roundmaille

    16ga. 1/4" BA Roundmaille
  14. billintpa

    BA Byzantine

    16ga. 1/4" BA Byzantine