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  1. How are things these days?

  2. Lady Ronin

    Dagger earring (No chainmail)

    That's simply amazing Ess, it is hard to believe that you made that from wire. Somehow I think you be making a few more in the future.
  3. Lady Ronin

    Fun picture

    KITTY PICTURES!! They make my day, Mels11 and Legba3 you have adorable ones. I have a tuxedo and two greys myself, among others. This is Marvin, he's our most recent rescue: My tuxedo baby Faith, who will drown you in the sink if you try putting a santa hat on her: And of course Faith and her partner in crime (and ridiculousness) Yoda (he's 2 and she's 6!):
  4. Lady Ronin

    Dawn of the Dead Inlay (WHAT?!)

    I remember you as well! I believe we met at Dunedon & Reegs' gathering way back when. Your inlay skills are amazing, it looks awesome. I love the way you've made the text actually slant backward giving it the proper depth, very cool.
  5. Lady Ronin

    Bronze Twisted Wire Necklace

    *le gasp* That is gorgeous! I absolutely love it, beautiful choice of colours and a very cool pendant. The way you've wrapped the wire around the beads is so very interesting and intricate, I've never seen it before. Is that your own idea or is it a common bead wrap? Either way, it's amazing and the entire piece is fantastic. Way to go Ess and BW. I can see that type of necklace selling easily at a fair, it's eye catching, not bulky, and very unique.
  6. Lady Ronin

    My new baby boy :)

    He's a real bright-eyed cutie! I can't get over his hair, especially that he was born with that much of it!! A belated congrats to you and your husband.
  7. Lady Ronin

    HOLY CRAP, I'm not dead

    Lord A it's SO good to see you post!! I've been wondering what happened to you and was concerned for a while as I knew you were having serious neck issues. I'm glad that the docs have been working to fix you up, I can't imagine how difficult it must be though. It's unfortunate that you have to go through so much pain in order to heal. *hugs* Please take it easy on yourself and give yourself the time you need to heal properly. The maille, the business, it will all be there still when you are well enough to continue with it. I will keep in touch. Take care my friend.
  8. Lady Ronin

    I'm back...sort of...

    Wow, thank you all for the kind (and rather hilarious) responses, what a warm welcome back. So many familiar folks, just like old times around here! To those of you who know where I'm coming from, I am taking it slow. One day, one thing, one little step at a time. It's great advice. Hopefully I will have some pretties to show soon, I am taking a little time to clean out my "office/craft room" so I can have my neat and organized workspace back. It's a quirk of mine, my creativity flows much better when everything is in it's place. Right now, everything is everywhere in this room. lol LL it was wonderful to see you too and I enjoyed our coffee and chat. You were the first friend I visited in a very long time, which helped me step out of my shell. That was huge for me and I am so glad you invited me over. *hugs* Lord A, the decaf is because I am on medication that interacts with caffeine, among many other things. Believe me, I miss it but I can get by without it. Sending lots of big hugs to all of you, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside to see so many kind posts. It's good to be back!
  9. Lady Ronin

    Happy Birthday Lady Ronin!!!!

    Late or not, I appreciate the birthday wishes very very much. Thank you guys. I know I have been a ghost around here for the last year. I've been having a very difficult time dealing with my mental health issues, last year was one of my worst so far. My participation here has suffered and I haven't been much of a moderator, I haven't been much of anything really and I apologize to those who had to take on my responsibilities. To those of you who have reached out to me, thank you. If I don't get back to you, please don't take it personally. Most of the time I just don't know what to say or I feel like I just go on and on incessantly....kind of like I am right now. Again, thank you for the birthday wishes. A little birdie on facebook told me about this thread.
  10. Lady Ronin

    FEMAILLERS month assignments!

    Check out the link and see for yourself. CafePress' Format and Compression Honestly I am no whiz when it comes to digital photography and printing, I follow the directions and recommendations set out by CafePress. They are the ones doing the printing so I trust their guidelines. Pretty much everyone sends their photos in JPG format, which is fine. I just convert it to a PNG and start each calendar page on a PNG template. It's not a big deal, at least I didn't think it was.
  11. Lady Ronin

    It begins.....

    Crap. I hate election time because I have such a hard time figuring out who to vote for. The issues that concern me are healthcare, climate change/environmental issues, animal rights and welfare, and taxes. It seems like there is no one party that addresses these issues in the way I would like to see them addressed. I don't get deep into politics to begin with, but I always exercise my right to vote as I am all about making my voice heard. *SIGH*
  12. Lady Ronin

    FEMAILLERS month assignments!

    I almost forgot about file format. *headdesk* Cafepress indicates that PNG files are their choice for image uploads: "PNG - Portable Network Graphics format is a completely loss-less compression. Gradients come out much smoother and do not have the distortions that may appear in a JPG. PNG is CafePress.com's recommendation for image uploads." I can convert whatever format you send me, but if you could remember to save your photos in this format, it would just save me a little time. Thanks ladies and a BIG thank you to Chanty for putting this all together again this year.
  13. Lady Ronin

    Emerald Swag

    I agree with DD, your work has a certain flair to it that makes it unmistakably yours. **HUGS** You rock babe!!
  14. Lady Ronin

    My second belly dance performance....

    Look at you!! What a vision, the green definitely suits you wonderfully and you look so happy.
  15. Lady Ronin

    Not a month for mothers...

    I'm so sorry for your loss. You write of your Mom with such adoration and I think that's beautiful. I hope you always remember her with the love your words project. My heart goes out to you and your family. Please be well.