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    27, mother of 2. Grew up in Germany only recently moved to the US.
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  1. Thanks so much Sue and whoever else who looked in to my order for me! You guys rock!

  2. Xynyth

    Scale Flowers & Attatching them to things

    I've been just stringing them on a short necklace. They are ridiculously easy to make and sell. They are what allowed me to make a HUGE new order recently *wink wink* I also have wire wrapped a few to some hair combs, and people love them but I'm less than happy with the way they turn out.
  3. Xynyth

    ISO: Tiny metal leaves

    Thank you! One of those has to be perfect! Apparently my google skillz were lacking I appreciate it! Thanks!
  4. Xynyth

    ISO: Tiny metal leaves

    I'm thinking tiny-er (sp? and is that even a word?) but I'll probably try that if I can't come up with something else. Worth a shot anyway Thanks Bernice!
  5. Xynyth

    ISO: Tiny metal leaves

    I'm trying to find tiny leaves or possibly ovals that may or may not make a nice tinkling sound when dangled on tiny chains. Yep, that's the description I have to work with. Anyone know of something that sounds usable? Thanks!
  6. Xynyth

    I made it out of wool

    Ha ha! That is awesome!!
  7. Xynyth

    When daughter's say "Please"

    Chainmaille dreadfalls! Now THAT'S a great idea! Looks awesome, I might have to steal that idea!
  8. Xynyth


    Much better pics! Looks great and that clasp is phenomenal!
  9. Xynyth

    More images being used without permission

    I google myself a lot actually Thanks for the heads up Legba!
  10. Xynyth

    More images being used without permission

    Is that just a list of the weaves gallery on MAILLE? Because even I'm on there and that's really reaching.
  11. Xynyth

    Poi Fire Dancing Materials Advice

    Now that might be interesting, assuming the juggler wears gloves I still think they would make pretty awesome practice poi or you could always make the chains themselves for fire.
  12. Xynyth

    Poi Fire Dancing Materials Advice

    Kevlar and nothing else. My husband spins poi and staff and I have fire fans. You definitely don't want to use anything less. Home of Poi, even with shipping is usually the cheapest place for poi related things I have found. And the quality is great too. I don't know that wrapping the kevlar is such a great idea as 1. metal expands in heat and the idea of tiny bit's of super heated shrapnel comes to mind. 2. whacking yourself in the head with a partially metal flaming ball is even LESS appealing than just whacking yourself in the head with a flaming ball. 3. Wraps on bare skin could more easily cause burns and potentially get snagged on clothing. Long story short, I think stuffing metal balls for use with fire is a bad bad idea. Now if you just want to make some practice poi for non flaming purposes, then they would be pretty cool
  13. Xynyth

    Tampa FL Bay Area Ren Fest!

    Aww Bummer! I was looking forward to meeting you! I'll post pics after we go. We do make it out every year. This will be my 3 year olds 4th year out lol. First year for Lucy!
  14. Xynyth

    The toddler 3 step guide to chainmaille!!

    Too CUTE! She's beautiful by the way. My Lucy loves to eat my chainmaille too. She prefers my hubbys bracelet to her teething rings o_0
  15. Xynyth

    Tampa FL Bay Area Ren Fest!

    Right now I'm tentatively planning on the 13th.