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  1. Killerbunnies

    Galvanized steel.

    I have only one strip so far. and it is HEAVY! Of course I am using REALLY thick wire and large rings. I really want stainless. But i didn't have the wire on hand. This was a spurr of the moment thing. I have many of those sorts of projects. I also don't like how the reciprocating saw cut the rings, they are very rough on the outside where I slipped acidentally. It is a long strip. Great for a belt. I know my mom has been looking at it envyingly. RIGHT! Belt it is. I will just switch to stainless. And remember! when you have no tool dip, wrap pliers in duct tape. Thank you for your help!
  2. Killerbunnies

    Galvanized steel.

    I am making a large AR Galvanized steel quilt and wanted to know if galvy rusts quickly and if there is anyting I can do about it. I live in San Diego and after we get into summer it becomes too hot to sleep with anything more than a sheet. I hate sleeping with just a sheet as where is no weight. Thanks for the help.
  3. Killerbunnies

    Closing rings

    Try getting/making a stand with some prongs to hold your work. You can also try a little dab of flux on the ring to help your solder. I am a ceramic artist with a love of using the wheel. In order to make good pieces you must keep your hands steady. Try this: Rest your forearms and wrists on your work surface. Hold your solder gun in your right hand(I am assuming you are using one that you hold like a pensil.) and with your left hand touch the prints of your middle finger and thumb together. This should create a teardrop shape. Now take your left index finger and hook it into your right hand. you should have your right thumb resting on your left thumb and middle finger. Now to move to make the solder, don't pick up your wrists. Instead keep them ridgid and use your arms to manuver your hands.
  4. Killerbunnies

    Maille and wire work dragons

    That and the picture is all the tutorial you should need. Just use your immagination and the inspiration that these pieces instill in you. And yes these get my vote of EPIC.
  5. Killerbunnies

    Cheapest chainmaille

    I would like to know what the cheapest armor and costume grade chainmaile is. I am making a short t-shirt and want to use Stainless Steel. I appreciate the help.
  6. Killerbunnies

    Help with cutters

    Thanks all! I think I will go with the cobolt. But before I make that my final answer I would like to know: 1. 18g is perfect for armor. 2. how many rings can I cut at a time?
  7. Killerbunnies

    Help with cutters

    The cobalt cutters Are a pinch cut X. I want a shear. // Or preferably ][ which I doubt I will find for the hard stuff. And I intend on using ONLY 18g stainless steel. I use other pairs of aircraft shears for the softer wire. I get lovely, perfect ][ shears with them whe I cut aluminum.
  8. Killerbunnies

    Help with cutters

    I am looking to purchase a pair of wire shears. TRL does not specifically carry diagonal shears that can handle stainless steel. Does anyone know of a diagonal shear that can handle stainless? Any help is helpful. Thanks. And thank you for the Move. For some reason I can't post in any "Discussion" threads.
  9. Killerbunnies

    Some of my older scale work

    If you stand in the rain in a suit of scale maille will you get wet? Or will the scale act as shingles?
  10. Killerbunnies

    Making welded mail

    "or, in a magical land where everything is perfect.. a differently sculpted clamp for every wire and ID:" I live in this land..... Because I only need 1 size. Don't have a torch... =S Ok I have my checklist. It will most likely take a long tome for me to get some more spare time (Scholarship season is in) though. Also I have to finish my ROV robot for the underwater submersible robotics comp as I am the club president. (I don't know how hydraulics systems work... I need to find out what to buy.) Anyway, I will post back when I have the materials. Thanks a ton!
  11. Killerbunnies

    Making welded mail

    FYI I can't seem to post replies unless I get to the reply screen by clicking "Quote" Makes it frusterating..... Anyway. I think that the Microwave welder is the way to go. I don't know about getting a battery though.... I would prefer a wall socket but the battery would me much more convenient for portability. Right. Battery it is! I await your words of instruction. As a side note.... I wonder if an induction welder could be made.... Maby shape it like 2 almost-loops folded on top of each other to leave an opening. Something for you to think about.
  12. Killerbunnies

    Flat nose or Chain nose?

    As of yet I have only been working with copper and aluminum. My rings are mostly of 19g SWG with AR being 7.9. For these materials I don't use pliers. I use my fingers. The innate dexterity of my fingers allows me to weave at a ridiculously swift pace. Eventually, after a few hours the fingers get numb but I mostly weave on the way to school so I don't worry about this much. After a time the fingers and the nail develope a notch that helps position and hold the ring. I just couldn't stand pliers....
  13. Killerbunnies

    Making welded mail

    :eek: I am looking to make durrable chain armor/armour. For jewlery I use other methods. I have access to electronics scrap and other cheap supply stores. Although I know little about wiring I already have a voltage adjuster I made. Wiring and electronics: the next chapter in AP Physics class. The prices you named are ridiculously cheap. Just what I need! (College is going to be expensive so I'm saving up.) I am not willing to dole out $750 for a welder so your methods sound fantastic. I will be dealing almost exclusively with stainless steel. So This "If you want to build a welder like the ones TRL sells...." Is the method I would like assistance with. You are more knolegeable about chain than anyone I have ever met. Your wealth of information is much appreciated.
  14. Killerbunnies

    Making welded mail

    I would like to know the cheapest method I could use to weld chainmail. I have niether welder nor torches. I have a soldering chisle but that won't help here. Any suggestions? Thanks