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    I'm a referee for Maine Roller Derby. And I make chainmail.
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    Portland, ME
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    Chainmail, Roller Derby, Graphic Design, Goldfish,
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  1. RuthOfAllEvil

    Thank you Phong!

    Full Persian and HP3 were among the first weaves I learned, after the Europeans. I just recently learned the start-on-a-wire technique, or start-on-a-needle when I'm doing the little stuff, and it's a real sanity saver. For some reason though, the HP sheet has me completely stumped. Isn't it funny how some things just fall right into place and others just make no sense no matter how long you look at the photos and diagrams?
  2. RuthOfAllEvil

    Trading: Cameras!

    I completely understand. If I thought I had anything to trade I would offer it, but nothing comes to mind that you might want. But if you can't get rid of those cards feel free to let me know and I'll happily take them off your hands
  3. RuthOfAllEvil

    Trading: Cameras!

    I'd love to have the CF cards. I found out the hard way this week that my (very nice and very expensive but now 5 year old) camera won't accept anything over 512mb or so. Not sure what I could offer in trade, but maybe you'd be willing to trade for cash?
  4. RuthOfAllEvil

    Coiling from wire not on a spool

    I have a pile of 16g galvy that's a real hot mess of tangles. When I want to coil some I bribe a friend to unwind it for me as I go
  5. RuthOfAllEvil

    Super Shiny Anodized Aluminum

    Hrm. Then I wonder what these rings were treated with. Pixie dust? I don't own a tumbler and wasn't planning to get one for a while, but it sounds like I'll need to to get the look I'm hoping for. It just sort of bums me out that I have to get equipment to do what I'm used to having for free
  6. RuthOfAllEvil

    Super Shiny Anodized Aluminum

    Thanks for the tip, I'll get in touch with them and report back if they have anything. ETA: No luck. They have a dizzying array of color options (yay!), but the finish is still closer to a matte finish than I'm looking for. My (completely uneducated) guess about the rings I have is that they were tumbled or polished to a mirror finish before being anodized, since even the sawed ends are bright and shiny. I may just have to accept that these rings aren't replaceable and keep hoarding what I have left.
  7. RuthOfAllEvil

    Any maillers in Maine?

    Hello, SirMendor, I'm a fellow Mainer! Well, I'm originally from away but I've lived in Portland for the last 5 years. I mostly make jewelry but I've got a hauberk project that's stalled waiting for me to wind more galvanized wire into coils.
  8. RuthOfAllEvil

    Super Shiny Anodized Aluminum

    First off, hi everybody! I've been making chainmail for about 8 years now, starting with galvy and stainless steel and moving on to AA and then silver and gold. I've been lurking around the forums here for a while and just recently bothered to sign up. I'm getting uncomfortably close to the end of a huge shipment of AA from the now long-defunct CreativeMaille I got about 6 years ago. I've been hoarding them, you see. My preciouses. I'm hoping to restock with rings from TRL, and I know the colors won't match exactly and I can live with that. What I'm really sad about is that it doesn't look like I'll be able to match the dazzling shine of the silver-colored rings. I believe the website I ordered from said they're 'anodized clear' (?), so there's never any darkening or rub off. Even after sitting in bags or in a plastic case for ~6 years, these rings are so bright they look like chrome and so slick they feel buttered. The BA rings in the sample kit I just got from TRL are slightly (very slightly) darker, and look sort of flat by comparison, although I can get them to shine up a bit rubbing them with cotton cloth. The colored rings also seem sort of flat, more of an eggshell finish where my old ones are a high gloss. So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for replacing these magic shiny AA rings that never get dull. Does anyone else offer clear anodized rings? Or would TRL be able to do something similar if I ask nicely and/or pay for it? Or am I being unnecessarily paranoid and protective of my dwindling supply of shiny rings? Can you get TRL's anodized and bright aluminum shined to a high gloss? Will I need to get a tumbler to get the same effect I've been spoiled enough to have for free?
  9. RuthOfAllEvil

    New User Thread

    although I'm probably just going to continue lurking