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    ontario, canada
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    love designing and making chain maille jewelry. i also have a graphic designer/artist background so my love of doing anything artistic comes naturally. i am fairly new to the idea of putting my pcs out there for retail so i am always looking for input. i am an avid gardener and when i am not working or doing chain maille, you will always find me outside gardening. winter in canada is wayyyy to long to spend the summer indoors!!!!
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    Ontario, Canada
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    well of course chainmail now and way to many to list.
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    own a welding/machine shop, you would think i should know more about metal!!!!!
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    feb. 2009
  1. ahhh i've gotten lazy and it's been to long since my last project. millions of ideas and i need to get back at it!!!!

  2. dragonfly

    Mixed Green Dragon

    colours are perfect. this is right up my alley. i need to make these lmao. thanks for sharing. i love your pc's.
  3. dragonfly

    Green Glow Dragon

    i love this pc. do you have any instructions for this guy or info. i would LOVE to make him. the idea of the glowing body is fantastic.
  4. dragonfly


    i absolutely LOVE this. you are a true artist.
  5. dragonfly

    precious sheet metal?

    thanks all, i'm looking into rings and things, i have also used them for findings but with the price of silver and the exchange, not to mention duty, i'm still searching canada. and the search continues lol thanks again dragonfly ^_^
  6. can't get motivated to get some ideas started!!! ahhhh

  7. dragonfly

    Purse - clasps.jpg

    please tell me how to make this. is it heavy to carry? what are the dimensions? i expect if it is made out of BA it would be fairly light. i love it. dragonfly
  8. dragonfly


    absolutely gorgeous. love it and the detail at the bottom is stunning. i would love to make this pc. dragonfly
  9. dragonfly


    hi, i'm really glad you posted this. i have been thinking about collars for my cats the weave i want to do. does he/she like to wear this or does it come off all the time? i'm thinking i would maybe solder the rings. thanks dragonfly
  10. dragonfly


    omg that is so cute. does he/she like to wear it?
  11. dragonfly

    precious sheet metal?

    thanks so much. i'll do that. dragonfly
  12. dragonfly

    precious sheet metal?

    hi all, i live in ontario and have been doing chainmaille for just over a year now. i'm trying to find a wholesaler or dealer in ontario that sells precious metal sheets. if anyone can give me any info i would really appreciate it. i'm also looking for square and half round silver wire around 12, 14 and 16 g.? can always count on trl maillers for help. thanks ahead for any answers. always dragonfly
  13. dragonfly


    wow very nice, once again, what size rings are those and how do you ever keep them from pulling apart when wearing it. that is what seems to be happening with me. thanks dragonfly
  14. dragonfly


    how do you make these or better yet which material, so that they don't pull apart. my issue is rings pulling apart the the ring "breaking". thanks dragonfly
  15. dragonfly


    i love this ring. what size rings are used to make this? also what metal would work best. thanks so much dragonfly