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  1. YAY! - My 3D printer just shipped. Now I get to obsessively track the shipment here from New York! 3D printed chainmail anyone.

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    2. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      you never waste time watching stuff if you have earwires to make, tiny rings to clip and customer phone calls. I don't think Jon EVER does one thing at at time.

    3. mimic


      So true. So true

    4. Blind Maille

      Blind Maille

      Multitasking for the win!

  2. Still accepting custom laser engraving jobs! About 1000 custom tags or scales done so far.

    1. Lysenis


      Need to finish a few commissions before I put in my test order.

    2. Blind Maille

      Blind Maille

      Pardon the rather odd question but, how tactile is the engraving? I've been trying to find someone able to do braille, be it raise or recessed and, if the engraving can be felt well then it may be an option. Please let me know.

  3. Woring on instructional videos - any requests?

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    2. sir_osis


      it's amazing how easy something can be when you see it done, rather than photographed.

    3. AlchemistsFire


      Milquetoast - thanks you for suggesting HP and FP! A friend and I have been killing ourselves over HP3!

      TRL - I'd love to see one of how to attach scales; I've never seen it done, and people's descriptions on here have just confused the hell out of me. Um, Box and Byzantine might be good tutorials for beginners, I know I sure struggled at first.

    4. BaruMonkey


      Some people who are not yet on this forum might want basics (e.g., how to hold pliers, how to make good closures, etc.)

  4. large stainless split rings for scales are back in stock http://bit.ly/eU8LOz

  5. No engraving machine yet...