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  1. Pale Yellow is not popular enough to restock - it will not be replaced. AA1438green will be replaced by a new product line. The exact product will not be replaced.
  2. Jcmag-snapback will be back in stock soon. The hematite beads don't have an ETA. Sorry we missed them on our current order from China
  3. About 3 weeks.
  4. KXAnodizer will be back in stock in about 3 weeks. same for Jewelry Welder if anyone if looking for those.
  5. TI1814 will be back in a few days
  6. Sorry - we can't order the 16516 white until we need other EPDM - go buy more EPDM! We had a stock error cause the problem with the 16516 white.
  7. No problem - contact customer service and we'll send you bulk rings from a fresh batch.
  8. We have 60 lbs in our central Canada factory and could maybe ship direct. Or it will be in our shipping center is about a week.
  9. XL black scales will be back in stock within a week
  10. we are working on the next batch... Maybe 5-6 weeks from being in stock.
  11. The rings were shipped from our factory in central Canada to our factory in Eastern Canada. Its about a 35 hour drive and truck shipments normally take 4 days. This shipment however left on Jan 28th and we now expect it to arrive Feb 12th. Over this last few weeks we've been wrong about when the shipment was arriving. In a few months we'll have these machines in the Eastern factory to prevent these delays.
  12. 2-3 more days for the AB16516 - no problem making a pre-order through customer service - this will get it to you maybe a day faster.
  13. Sorry no update on the white - the white is a bad case... we order EPDM is large amounts infrequently. Last time we ordered we didn't need these rings as our system said we had lots... our system was wrong Not really sure when we can get more.
  14. sxss18316 should be back in a few days - in production now. You can always get customer service to add to an order.
  15. ab16516 will be about 1 week