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  1. New ZGrabBagC available soon at
  2. Sorry - no planned restock - our supplier stopped making due to low sales volumes.
  3. Within a few days we'll have a new special in stock. also note we do a lot of $10 for 30 scales min orders of scales that we've already made
  4. The first ever batch is almost done and we'll be marked into stock soon. Note we do take custom orders for anodized too - they just need to be largish... in the $150+ range per item
  5. AA1438green - sorry sold out unexpectedly - it will be a few months until the next batch.
  6. The cheap one have the same Ergo handles. I'd suggest making yourself a custom handle... there is a great tape I've seen used to build up handles, and plasti-dip
  7. I miss things. KXPLIERWIDE - about a month KX200-ERGOMOD - no idea - I don't really have a timeline for getting pliers to mod yet. You might be stuck with the KX-Armorplier for at least a few months - its a chinese copy of the KX200-ErgoMod... good quality but obviously not the same as the German quality from a company with 125 years of plier making expertise....
  8. Tiny bronze scales have never yet been in stock. The first ever batch is on the way from the factory in Saskatoon to our factory/shipping facility in Toronto. Should be online in about a week. We could get them gold plated... if you buy $200 worth we'll get a batch of the tiny bronze gold plated
  9. SCSM-BTAA-OR are a ways off - we don't do orange very often - red we should have within a week or 2.
  10. About a week - its being added as a trial new product. Buy lots and it will become a standard product
  11. AA1238green - sorry - this ran out unexpectedly - something that can happen with low volume sellers... Its a long time until the next batch but we could make SXAA1238green if you can make a min $100 order of it.
  12. Long time I'm afraid - its nasty when we have stock errors...
  13. AA1438black - about 3 weeks SXAA14716 - no plans at this time - we do custom orders like this with a $200 min per size.
  14. No real ETA on SXAA20316bronze - note that we have never main this before. the plan was to make the first batch next bronze anodizing run. With a $200 order we can make a special batch for you.
  15. we are working on setting up small titanium scales right now. Its a different set up then we use for other small scales and its a lot of work. The estimate is 10 hours to get it set up then we'll be in production and run 220 lbs of strip.