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  1. AA1438black - about 3 weeks SXAA14716 - no plans at this time - we do custom orders like this with a $200 min per size.
  2. No real ETA on SXAA20316bronze - note that we have never main this before. the plan was to make the first batch next bronze anodizing run. With a $200 order we can make a special batch for you.
  3. we are working on setting up small titanium scales right now. Its a different set up then we use for other small scales and its a lot of work. The estimate is 10 hours to get it set up then we'll be in production and run 220 lbs of strip.
  4. SCALE-SM-AAGOLD - just a few days - we'll bag some bulk.
  5. No - not soon exactly. How about an anodized magnet clasp?
  6. Yes - lots more coming.
  7. I'll get it pushed - should get into stock todayish
  8. Yes we made green and its in the bagger que now - should be back in stock in a few days.
  9. SXAA18316black - back in stock in 2-3 hours I think
  10. In cutting/cleaning now - should be in stock in a few days
  11. about 2 weeks for small titanium scales
  12. all out of stock product have a notify me link for just this purpose.
  13. SXAA18316black and silver are getting rushed - 2-3 days tops.
  14. 313 mandrels we made 10 to tide us over - they will be marked into stock in about a week. Tronex KX-TR752 - sorry these will be more then 2 months
  15. Well - we've never yet had sxaa20316green - we'll do next green run - which is 2+ months away