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  1. Small lime scales are in production I think - Dark rose and lilac will likely be a while. If you ordered $100 worth of any we might be able to speed things up.
  2. Good question - I just poked the bagging department - should be up in a day or so.
  3. New stock just arrived. Restock in process.
  4. Medium black - we'll start a run of medium scales in about a week - 2 weeks until it hits stock.
  5. Looks like last weeks sale wiped out SXAA1438silver stock. We just scheduled this - I'd guess 10 days or so tom make more.
  6. XL green - we'll look at an XL scale run in about 2 weeks
  7. Rainbow etch Phoenix - 2 weeks XL Green - hmmmm - not quite sure but I'll think harder about it.
  8. JcMAG-AABlk should be back within a few days - manufacturing system shows as being done and waiting to be moved to stock.
  9. I'll make a bunch - I've been lazy with making them. You can always custom order them and we'll make special for you
  10. At least 6 weeks on aa16516black. Saw cut is available.
  11. KXPLIERWIDE - long time - a few months - we have a big stock error and screwed up ordering
  12. we are marking in now. SB16516 will be back very soon
  13. We have rings. I'll look into this.
  14. We have new stock. Should be marked in very soon but could be added to an order by customer service now.
  15. ss19316 is in bagging should be in stock within a few days