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  1. LiveIron

    Byzantine segment

    That's amazing. I'm having problems weaving Byzantines almost twice that size with the tools i got. You must have some micro pliers or something.
  2. LiveIron

    Packaging/Shipping Job Opening

    Whats the cost of living in Saskatoon? I would be very interested in a job (always wanted) at TRL but i gotta figure out how much things are gonna cost before i decide to move to Canada, ive been thinking about it for quite a while anyway.
  3. LiveIron

    Best Clasp?

    I cant wait till that new clasp is available (maybe it can be made in silver) . And yeah personal experience and just comments from other people i've made stuff for the levers on the lobster clasps are really hard to get a hold of. I think ill look into getting some infinity clasps and some fold over box clasps. I got a couple clasps im skeptical about they are the AS SEEN ON TV magnetic barrel clasps.. very interesting idea.. dunno how well they would look with sterling or fine.. cause i imagine they arent exactly sterling silver themselves..
  4. LiveIron

    New clasp design

    would they possibly be available in silver?
  5. LiveIron

    Best Clasp?

    If this ends up being a post that has already been covered I'm sorry.. I didn't take my time to search the entire forum to check. Anyway.. I would like feedback on what types of clasps you frequently use.. I make jewelery of all sorts and have always ended up dreading finishing my projects mainly because of clasps.. I have seen lots of different clasps but not sure how they hold up.. I have used many that are pretty but either they don't hold very good (I have lots a many bracelets due to this factor) or are too difficult to use. There probably is not a totally universal clasp that will work for every project, but everything I have used so far just doesn't seem to work as well as I want it to. Currently I work mainly with silver (sterling and fine), so if anybody has any suggestions, I am open to any advice that can be given.
  6. LiveIron

    Gemstones in Half Persian?

    I got an idea that I am really attached to currently. It is to add a few small gemstones into a fine silver half-persian 4in1. I would like to use a gemstone centered in a round-ish "backing" (for lack of better words, the piece that holds the gemstone). Im having a hard time figuring out how to make the "backing" fit into the weave. I think it would have to have rings attached to it somehow to actually attach it to the piece. Im open to any insights/ideas anyone has to offer.