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    Another teaching/show tour

    After perusing the website again Loren, there are several new things I'm going to be ordering now! Amazing stuff. Vidar
  2. Vidar


    Closeups of the dragonscale bracelets
  3. Vidar


    Two dragonscale bracelets I made.
  4. Vidar

    Ornament Kits

    Thought I'd try the ornament kit to see how well I can do j6-1. http://www.theringlord.org/forum/showthread.php?t=43252 Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had tried it out. I did the tree pattern that came with it, and holy hell the last few rings are near impossible to get in. It keeps stretching other rings open and popping them out. I spent about 40 minutes making the pattern and stuff, and then almost an hour attaching them to the welded rings (which i missed on at one point and near wanted to scream) Anyway, just thought I'd see how others are dealing with the extreme tightness.
  5. Vidar

    Ornament Kits

    The issue is attaching the final rings to the outer welded rings that are on the craft ring. Holding it in place isn't as much of an issue as being able to stretch the whole piece to the outer ring...
  6. Vidar

    In the POOL on Thanksgiving

    We have that same type of thing here at a spa. They are considered "Nordic Baths". You go into a sauna for about 10 minutes, then go under cold water to "shock" the system, then into a rest area where it's just like "room" temperature. In the summer, you just sit out on lawn chairs. Then you repeat the process over and over. It's really nice, and I love doing it! I went on my Birthday (Dec 6) and it was about -3 here. Not too bad. Gonna go again in January when there is more snow.
  7. Vidar

    I thought it would never happen...

    Universal and Disney are two different beasts...no worries, Disney doesn't own Harry Potter...lol
  8. Vidar

    Great price for Lightbox, $9.99! ;)

    I've had one of these for a while. They work quite well for smaller items for sure! I'm going to be doing a pile of photos of my maille stuff soon using it.
  9. I know lots of you have done armor here before, so I'm coming to you for advice. I've been reading up on http://homepage.ntlworld.com/trevor.barker/farisles/guilds/armour/mail.htm#sect4-2 Now, it mentions doing the expansions and contractions, which I'm fine with. I can figure that part out. I'm just wondering of those that have done shirts here in the past, do you do the contractions AFTER doing the pieces? I'm using 1614 SS to make my shirt. I'm doing it in chunks (actually, now that it comes in bags, I guess I'm doing it in bags). I'm making patches that I will stitch together later. That way I don't have 20 lbs of mail in my lap. Plus it's less noisy at work to have small patches jangle around. So here I am, making small rectangular patches thinking to the future. I made a small hauberk for my friends son for halloween (he loved it). Now, it was not custom fitted at all..simply barrel/straps. I obviously want to tailor this one as it's for me and I can do that without ruining the surprise. I may just give this to myself as a gift next year ;-) Any thoughts, random ideas, quotes from favorite movies? of course, I'm kidding about that last part... Vidar
  10. Vidar

    Shirt advice (don't we all need that?)

    Awesome advice guys. I'll be doing the top part (the mantle) probably as early as next week, so we'll see how that works out. Then it's off to the races on the torso part.
  11. Vidar

    Recycled Dragon

    Awesome work...his eyes are hypnotizing...or he's stoned...hehe
  12. Vidar

    Dagger earring (No chainmail)

    WOW...that wire did that? Ok, I want to place an order now too!
  13. Vidar

    In a quandry...

    Problem solved. Started on the shirt myself now. SS 1614. I've gone through almost 5 "bags" so far (so about 2000 rings). Just ordered 10 more bags. I'm ripping through them pretty quick. I figured it should take me several months to accomplish at this rate. Although come holiday season, I'll be slowing down considerably. Anyway, thanks all!
  14. Vidar

    i need some help...major problems with weaves

    My suggestion for trying out HP3-1 is this... Make a string of e4-1 quite long...well, not miles, but you know, longer than what you want to end up with. Then, using one of the edges of the e4-1, you can start to weave hp3-1. I actually figured out hp3-1 almost by accident doing this. It may look a bit confusing, and if I had any skill with those drawing programs, I would make you a tut... I may still do it, but with photos...I'll see what I can come up with tonight.
  15. Vidar

    Heat treated scales

    A while back (read probably 3 years ago) I purchased some small heat treated scales. Pretty sure they were probably aluminum, could have been stainless though, but if I remember right, they were probably aluminum. Is there any chance something like this will be stocked again in the future? I had made a chainmail halter top out of them and everyone went gaga over it. I had a few photos and now when people see it, they want one. Just wondering.
  16. Vidar

    new rivet scales

    I've thought about making a chestpiece out of scales similar to that. I was going to sit and cut them all out by hand and stuff, but hell, this may be easier, if not a bit more expensive, but most of the work is done already. Now to get my hands on some of that and some leather and away I go!
  17. Vidar

    Coif mask?

    I could see that looking pretty neat, but I sure as hell wouldn't wear it into any type of fight. Just put some chainmail over your face and then slap yourself. That's the least amount of pain you would feel ;-) Now imagine, even a foam sword smacking into your nose...yeeouch!
  18. Just a question about the stainless clad aluminum. I bought some of the small scales (I've purchased them before)...is TRL using WD40 as a lubricant on the punch now? Man it smells good ;-)
  19. Vidar

    Dragonsquare pt2

    Dscale has become a favorite of mine as well lately. It takes a bit longer to weave, but the end result is just amazing. I just wish I could "play" around with ideas in Gold and Silver!! lol
  20. Vidar

    Lighting boxes for photos

    Well, I came across a great deal at a store yesterday. I'll put the link up below to the item... Anyway, it's a light box that is all self contained in a carrying case and comes with 2 studio lights and a mini tripod. Was a pretty good deal. Will be playing with it later today... http://www.factorydirect.ca/catalog/product_spec.php?pcode=SA0101
  21. Vidar

    Chainmail Gloves

    So there I was, wandering around Lee Valley Tools on the weekend and I see different sized chainmail gloves. Looks like exactly the same mesh used by TRL. I thought, hey, easier than making them myself. But decided against it. They were $100 each...not per pair....ack! I added a photo of it. Anyway, not sure if it had been posted before, but if it has, I apologize...
  22. Vidar

    Dragonscale...just me?

    Ok, just realized I had some ring sizes that kinda work for dscale...so I thought I'd give this weave a try. It's one that I haven't tried yet, because every time I look at the tutorial I cringe and think...damn this is hard. Well, I just grabbed the rings, and started going. Is it just me, or does this weave go together really well? What I thought was really confusing is making perfect sense. Perhaps it's combined with the fact that I decided to quit smoking this morning. I needed something to keep my hands busy, and figured I'd do some maille. And voila! I'll post pics as soon as I'm done the piece. Oh, and it's 16516 AB and um...I don't know the ring size, but it's copper. I had lots of copper rings left over from a project a year or so ago...I'll measure them later. Anyway...that's my little ranty type thing...
  23. Vidar

    Dragonscale...just me?

    I have done quite a bit of work in stainless steel, as have most people I gather. For pliers, I went to Canadian Tire here and bought some cheap pliers. Ones with teeth are very important I find with stainless. I was using rings from 16ga to 22ga with these little pliers and it worked fine for me. I would not recommend using pointy pliers as you may slip a few times...and that is the main reason for using pliers with teeth. Unlike with sterling silver, copper, aluminum (softer metals), you will likely NOT mark the surface of stainless too much. So, my suggestion is, get pliers that are comfortable in your hands, have teeth, and are pretty strong. And yeah, 16gauge stainless is pretty tough to work with, but I got used to it. Just do about 20 minutes of stainless and then switch to copper...lots of fun ;-)
  24. Ok, I got obsessed with dragonscale these last few days (see my post in the general forum). Anyway, here's what came of it. it's 16516 AB, the small rings are copper, but I don't recall the size. I'll have to measure them. It may look like the closures are not good, but I've done my usual jewelry test and run this through my hands and some silk and no snags or nothing. Feels nice and smooth, so I'm good with it
  25. Vidar

    My Dragonscale Bracer/Bracelet

    As I mentioned, the big ones are 16516 AB, but the small copper ones, I'm not totally sure. I'll print out the ring size scale from TRL and check...I need to know also, as I need to order more rings to make more dragonscale ;-) Ok, checked the ring sizing chart... 16516 AB and 18732 Copper.