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    Who here is ADD? :D

    Where was the option for...ooh shiny....
  2. Vidar


    I use 16516, BA, but that's cause I usually have lots of 'em around
  3. Vidar

    Ontario/Quebec Gathering Nov. 8-9 2008

    Yeah, but even the stuff that is "ordered in" from europe isn't the same. It's a special export that they brew. It doesn't even have close to the same thujone content that you can get in Amsterdam ;-) That stuff will knock ya on yer butt...or you can make your own absinthe style drink... Take a 40oz bottle of vodka. Get anywhere from 1/2 to a full ounce of Wormwood from a Natural Store that sells real herbs. Put the wormwood in the vodka. Let it sit for about 4-7 days (do NOT let it sit too long or you get what we called "Troll Piss") strain out the wormwood drink (slowly)
  4. Vidar

    Ontario/Quebec Gathering Nov. 8-9 2008

    Ahhh...absinthe...I really missed a good party... For the best Absinthe, unfortunately you should go to Europe...what we have here isn't even CLOSE to real absinthe ;-)
  5. Vidar

    Ontario/Quebec Gathering Nov. 8-9 2008

    Well, things got a bit crazy for me, and I wasn't able to make it out. I hope you all had a fabulous time.
  6. Vidar

    Ontario/Quebec Gathering Nov. 8-9 2008

    Well, Sunday is when I have a shoot scheduled for those types of photos...lol. But I'll likely have my camera with me when I come for those few hours to take shots of the gang...
  7. Vidar

    Ontario/Quebec Gathering Nov. 8-9 2008

    well, I *may* be able to make it over for a few hours at least. Enough time to raise a few glasses of mead. Hell, I could always bring one of my drinking horns to properly drink the mead. I may still require a lift over to the other side though. It's going to depend on how long my photo shoot on Saturday goes for. I'm hoping it will be done by 4. The reason for not staying too late is the requirement of another shoot starting Sunday morning. Must remember to bring my extra battery pack to that one...it could go all day.
  8. Vidar

    Ontario/Quebec Gathering Nov. 8-9 2008

    I can't believe I have to write this...but I won't be able to make it this weekend!!! I got a gig to do this weekend for my photography. Thanks to the past weekend, I have a few clients lined up. I'll see what I can do about getting a lift over for a little bit, but most of my weekend is going to be booked up doing photo shoots. It's kind of a good news/bad news situation I guess...
  9. Vidar

    Ontario/Quebec Gathering Nov. 8-9 2008

    Heya BW. I can do that part, no problem. And I can lug my 360 along with me as well. The bigscreen TV is definetly out though ;-) If there is someone willing to give me a lift, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm still without wheels...
  10. Vidar

    More rings

    Having a bit more fun now with the rings. Not too happy with my latest one...I think I may have rushed myself on it. Figuring out easier techniques along the way as well... My 3 silver rings together on a mirror I'm not a hand model...ok?
  11. Vidar

    3 strand ring

    I know now what my next order to you is going to be Loren ;-) I don't know of any places around here that sell ring stretchers...
  12. Vidar

    3 strand ring

    Well, I decided to try my hand at the woven rings that I learned at Lorens workshop quite some time ago. I have almost totally forgotten (thanks Loren for answering my questions!). It's not perfect, but these things take practice. During the workshop, I only did a 2 strand, so this time I tried a 3-strand.
  13. Vidar

    3 strand ring

    I made it using the same fixture as my first ring. I haven't used the ring stretcher on it yet (I have to find it...it's still packed somewhere). it's just a little bit shy of the size I was shooting for...probably off by 1 size...I hope the ring stretcher will fix that.
  14. Vidar

    3 strand ring

    Thanks for the comments all! I'm definitely going to make a few more of these rings. They are tough to make, but they look so beautiful. Thanks for teaching me these Loren!
  15. Vidar

    Sewing up the sides of a vest...

    I'm not sure there. I'd prefer to see it a bit looser than too tight. Remember, chainmail doesn't stretch. It's not like regular fabric. Plus, if you put anything else on underneath, it could be too tight. These are just my opinions, but I'd add a few extra inches...
  16. Vidar

    Do you think I can do it?

    I had a similar goal in mind, only it was like a month. I was hoping to get my hauberk done in a month. It was just BA, just for costume. I'm still working on it, off and on a year later. It's time consuming, and after a while, you start to get disillusioned. When you are close to your mark, you say "oh, I won't get it done"..then you start procrastinating actually getting the damn thing done. I have a vest at this point. I also have a scale vest at this point. I have to add more scales, as I underestimated the size that I'd need (scale armor does NOT expand at all). If you can pull it off and it looks good, more power to you...I just don't have that kind of stamina in my wrists/forearms... I suggest eating lots of spinach...you're gonna look like popeye soon enough ;-)
  17. Vidar


    On the topic of tumbler style things, has anyone used a sonic cleaner? I've heard they have good results. I'm pretty sure it would work well for most metals. I saw one at Michaels here last week and thought it may be a decent addition to jewelry making...
  18. Vidar

    More Wire Stuff

    I'm going to be attempting another ring soon too. I tried another ring at one point, but it didn't go well. Maybe this weekend I'll be crazy enough to try another one. Gonna have to make myself another wooden stretcher though.
  19. Vidar

    More Wire Stuff

    I apologize right now for the bad picture, I'll be sure to have a better one soon, it was taken with my cellphone. Anyway, some dragonflies I made with another of Loren's wire wrapping kits. Thanks again oh Guru of Wire.... For the stat curious, there are 2 sterling silver and one copper, all 20ga.
  20. Vidar

    Flower Vase

    I know there is a flower tutorial out there somewhere, as I used it to make about a dozen AA flowers back before xmas last year. I think it was then. Anyway, I know I made a pile of them and basically gave them to my friends.
  21. Vidar


    I got a few new wire kits from Loren (thank you thank you thank you) and have made my first circlet! http://picasaweb.google.com/4vidar/Circlet#5246190129544742962 I tried adding this through the boards as an attachment, but apprently it's only taking files 4kb in size right now...
  22. Vidar

    Ontario/Quebec Gathering Nov. 8-9 2008

    Heh, I have my 54" DLP TV, but it's not very portable.
  23. Vidar


    Thanks for posting the image in there Fyre...I'm not sure why I can't post images. I checked my Attachment area, and I have none in there now (I deleted them all to free up room)...
  24. Vidar

    Canada Post...ARGH!!!!

    Well, to top it off, after talking to their "customer service"...after being on hold for 24 minutes mind you...this is their response... "We are only responsible for delivering the package. If it ends up at the wrong address, it's not our fault"... I thought that is what they were paid to do? Deliver it to the address marked on the package.... What a bunch of morons...
  25. Vidar


    I had to throw in a reply to the kilt wearing mania. I too have a kilt, and will be getting another one soon. I bought mine from utilikilts.com. If you are unsure about wearing a tartan kilt, be sure to check these guys out. I've thrown in a picture of me in my kilt yesterday at the Canada Day festivities. It's both me and my buddy hanging out downtown Ottawa. Got quite a few comments actually...