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  1. Well, I for one am excited about the DVD. Yes, I took the course, and I've made a few of the bracelets since, but I tried doing another ring, and for the life of me, I'm getting hung up. Perhaps I'll message you privately Loren with where I'm getting hung up...
  2. Vidar

    Wrist/Forearm strength

    Well, I've started work on a hauberk, 14ga 3/8" stainless rings. I've worked mainly with aluminum and the like, so this was an adventurous project to say the least. I noticed that it was hard to work the rings for someone that has only really used aluminum. At the suggestion of a friend, I picked up a Powerball. I highly recommed these. http://www.powerballs.com/shop/?aid=vidar It's helped me gain the strength needed in my forearms. They aren't overly expensive either. Anyway, that's my 2 rings into the world for now. Will have pics as I progress on this hauberk...I'm about 6 lbs into it so far...
  3. Vidar

    Random song lyrics...

    There has been one song that has had meaning to me, as well as a few of my friends. We started calling it the Nickelback syndrome... Just one line.... "Something's gotta go wrong, cause I'm feeling way too damn good" Everytime things start going right for us, something happens to squash it...Yeah, it's very negative thinking, but we can't escape it yet...
  4. Vidar

    A sad day...

    Well, for me anyway. Yesterday I lost one of my cats. I was considering not bothering to post here, but I'm finding that posting stuff on sites that I am on alot is helping me deal with things. My cat was 15 years old, and she was getting sick. She had been very sick about 5 years ago as well, and I thought we were going to lose her then, but she rebounded and became that little kitten (albeit an old kitten) again. Recently the same illness was befalling her. Her liver started to shut down as she had stopped eating. I'm guessing it was a protest of some sort. What kind of cat goes on a hunger strike? Maybe she didn't like the way the world was going...lol Anyway, I had feared that she was on her way out, she wasn't looking good. I got home from work and couldn't find her. I looked under my bed, and she was on the other side of it. I feared the worst as I crawled over the bed to check on her. I tapped at her hind legs, which were protruding from the underside of the bed and got no response. I knew she had gone. I called a friend to come over and help me, and she was here as quick as possible. We were going to give her a great sendoff. Well, she went in to bring her body up so we could wrap it in nice linen and take her to the vet. She told me that the cat was still breathing. I lost it at this point. After I composed myself, we realized that she was likely in a coma as her eyes were bugged wide open, with no response, her jaw was tightly shut and she was just barely breathing. I was able to say my goodbyes, tied an ankh around her, and as soon as that was finished, she stopped breathing and had died. We took her to the vet to have her cremated. I opted not to have the ashes returned to me, even though she was like a kid to me, she was still just a cat. Writing that it sounds harsh, but it's true. We sat around last night, having a few drinks and chatting. The cat's sister is still running around like a kitten. She's a bit lost without her sister here, but she's coping, which is a good thing. Anyway, that's my story. I've attached a picture of my kittie just for the sake of putting it there.
  5. Vidar

    Wire knotted workshops...Ottawa

    Sorry Shiz...my bad. It's a 5 lead, 9 bight, 3 strand ring I want to do. And I have yet to finish the turks head bracelet LL. I need to get something to pound against, and I'm gonna wait to find an inexpensive baseball bat.
  6. Vidar

    Wire knotted workshops...Ottawa

    Well, I've done another bracelet now. Even though we talked about it, and it wasn't really worth it, I decided to try one in copper being I had copper sitting around. Turned out not too bad. Flimsier (is that even a word? it is now...) than the silver, but still not bad. Took me about 20-25 minutes to complete. Gonna give it away (after I take a pic)...
  7. Vidar

    Wire knotted workshops...Ottawa

    I had so much fun this weekend. I can't wait to get my hands on some more wire so I can make a 3-lead ring. Oh, and I'm supposed to brag here that I finished my ring first. It wasn't a race, and I don't care about that, but being it was mentioned at the workshop by Loren, I'll post it here. I'm impressed with myself that I finally got the hang of it. The bracelet was confusing at first, but the second one I did at home went really smooth. Now it's on to doing another ring, this time a 3-lead (wait, I already said that). It was great putting faces to a lot of the board members from this area. A big thanks to Fusionistic for the lift to the workshop and back! And the Golden Knots Rock Band kicked some butt ;-) "We won't get fooled again...."
  8. Vidar

    Correcting some of America's mistakes

    What is funny about this thread is that I do this for a living. My job is to go through documentation, verify that the installation procedures are accurate, and also verify that there are no spelling mistakes. My concern with the spelling mistakes is that we use Lotus Wordpro to create documents. This particular software, like many others, contains a spell check feature. Now, if the people creating the documents would simply use this feature, I would have much less work to do. Maybe it is a good thing that they don't use this feature, so I have a job to do. Counting my blessings.
  9. Vidar

    Scale Questions (more of them)

    Well as for the TRL kit, it's pretty good. They don't do the split rings for the kit I don't think, but the 2k scales is a bit off...well at least it was for me. I had to order an extra 500. I'm close to finishing the vest, so we'll see if the extra 500 was a good choice...
  10. Vidar

    Bus conversation(s)

    The comments I get at work are fun. I have various Thor's hammers that I wear...not at the same time, I just change them up once in a while.... In the span of 3 days, I had 4 comments. All were similar, asking me if it was an inverted cross (it looks nothing like a cross if you ask me). The best was a guy that asked me if I was the anti-christ. I told him I'd have to believe in Christ in order to be the anti-christ...lol They already know I'm wierd at work....
  11. Vidar

    Wire-wrapped Thor's Hammers. (non-maille)

    Ok, you may need to move this to the business section, but how much to buy one of those copper/silver ones? I love 'em!
  12. Vidar

    NYC Maillers needed

    I have been approached by a model that wishes to model some chainmail clothing for a magazine photo shoot (no details on the magazine yet, sorry). Unfortunately I'm in Ottawa, and not having easy access to NYC by next week, I was unable to help her. If you are in NYC, can you please PM me by early next week. I'll send on your contact details to the model if you are interested in helping out. Hey, the more mainstream we can get our stuff the better!
  13. Vidar

    Wire knotted workshops...Ottawa

    Thanks Fusion...everything is coming together! Fabulous!
  14. Vidar

    Wire knotted workshops...Ottawa

    Well, I don't live far from the bridges that go over to Gatineau, so I guess technically it would be somewhat on the way. It's definetly not OUT of the way...if it is, it's only by a minute or so...
  15. Vidar

    Wire knotted workshops...Ottawa

    Want to throw this out there. For those that will be coming from Ottawa, would it be possible for me to hitch a ride with someone over to BW and Ess's place? I live downtown Ottawa, and well, I'm not quite sure how far it is, but I'm sure walking would be a long walk
  16. Vidar

    Where are all the black people?

    Well, along the same lines as BW, I have native in me somewhere, but not sure what. But, I'm a minority. I'm an Anglophone working for the Canadian Federal Government (I can't move up at all unless I can speak french)
  17. Vidar

    What to call this...?

    maybe not on crack, but surely Shaggy Loops with a bad hair day...
  18. Vidar

    Thinkgeek's "Maille" shirt...

    Well, it may seem like resurrecting an older thread here, but I decided to order the shirt from Thinkgeek as well (I like lots of their stuff). I'm actually quite impressed with the shirt. Didn't seen anything bad about it so far. (sheesh, except my grammar...I really shouldn't write this early in the morning). I haven't gone over the whole thing yet, but I put it on, it fit nicely, didn't feel any really bad closures (did it bare skinned, no t-shirt or anything). It does have the look of the etched aluminum rings for sure. It said on the packaging (the huge amount of bubble wrap and packing plastic...what, think it's gonna get hurt?) that it was Anodized Aluminum....don't know about that, but it doesn't look too bad.
  19. Vidar

    Pop Tabs

    Ok, my buddy threw on my poptab maille and I realized I hadn't posted pics of it, so I took a few in a drunken haze. This is a vest I made a few years back as a redneck joke. Now everyone wants one...lol
  20. Vidar

    Pop Tabs

    Yeah, that's not me in the pic...it's my buddy. It actually fits me a bit better (I'm quite a bit larger in the body than him...width wise)
  21. Vidar


    So I'm not the only one that did that after the movie then. I did one out of stainless, pretty small rings. Got lots of comments on it, and I think I ended up selling it off my hand at a show...
  22. Vidar

    Pop Tabs

    no, but there are a few that want 'em. I'm short on colored tabs right now, so they can wait...lol
  23. Vidar

    Price on scale armor

    I made an interesting piece (have to get a pic of it still) out of scale. It was for a buddy of mine who is native, and he designed it up for me to make. it's basically a vest with no back to it (held by chain at various parts). The front of it is tapered at the top and bottom. Kinda reminds me of Harvey Birdman's mask. Anyway, took me only about 6 hours to make, and I charged him only $150 for it. So I now know that I'm underpricing things, but he is my buddy.
  24. Vidar

    Thinkgeek's "Maille" shirt...

    Wanted to throw a few rings into the discussion as well. Again, thanks for the review on this item. We can all shoot this down and talk about the shoddy rings, the bad closures and all that, but for $100 what does anyone expect? I know this past year I was asked to make an aluminum shirt (Bright aluminum). Well, I did my usual easy calculation for price, and was going to charge 2.5 times materials. Normally I make small things, or halter tops etc. So it's a pretty good average and gives me a decent price to work with. I only do this stuff for fun, not as my career, so I figure as long as I can get like 2.5 times my material cost, I'm ahead. Well, in doing this, my cost for a Bright Aluminum shirt came out to $200. Now, I realize this is really lowball priced, but I figured, it's my first full shirt, why not. I estimated a few months to make it, boy was I off on that one. Well, I got the front panel and part of the back panel done before xmas, went visiting family, and had all my chainmail stuff packed in a suitcase. This bag was lost. Yep, you read that right. I lost all the work I had done on this, plus all the rings that had yet to be used. I told the guy that this just wasn't meant to be. He hadn't laid down a deposit or anything (if he did bail, at least I had a shirt for myself to wear). I figure, if he wants one badly enough, I'll order him one from thinkgeek, go over it, fix the closures and stuff, and I'll still be ok. But, it is nice to see maille getting more mainstream, and with the thinkgeek site, if they were to put up shirts made by artisans like ourselves, they'd have to be charging well over $500 per shirt, and they just won't sell any that way. That's just business with them. Sell an inferior product for less, and sell more. I don't believe they are touting it as SCA level armor for combat... Anyway, that's my story on this subject. I may pick one of these up anyway, just so I can have a shirt. I'll still be making a better quality one for myself of course, but for going out clubbing or something, it could be fun.