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    Fun picture

    Ahh, the ends of all the bottles. Mix 'em all together and you get really messed up. Trust me on that one. Was at a bonfire party many many years ago. I grabbed a very large mug and walked around to everyone and asked them to pour a little of whatever they were drinking into my glass. It was pretty damn gross, but I sure didn't remember much after that...until I was put into the fire because they thought I was cold. I think I sobered up right there....
  2. Vidar

    Fun picture

    Ok, posting a picture that I had kicking around. I've added it as an attachment...not sure how well this works, haven't done pics in a while, well, at least since the new board software was installed. Anyway, this is my cat claiming my order.
  3. Vidar

    Fun picture

    Damn amazing! Great job with the table, and dressing up does make it look all the better!