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  1. Ok, I got a pattern to try out and it involved making a "ring" of HP3-1.  I got the chain done, but connecting this thing is driving me nuts.


    I was away from maille for a few years and man I just can't remember how to pull this one off.


    frustrating to say the least...




    Ok, rant over...

  2. So, I'm catching up on the show Once Upon A Time.  In one of the episodes (Season 2, Episode 10) the Queen is wearing some scale mail.  I wanted to recreate the neckpiece/headpiece for my wife.


    I've done scale work before, but long ago.  I'm trying to remember how to make the "scalloped" style scale work for a neck piece.  


    I've added a screen capture to show what I mean.  It's pretty straight forward in design...Just trying to jog the memory on how to actually make it "on the bias" so to speak....


  3. Yep, definitely Stainless Clad Aluminum. Now the hard part, TRL doesn't have them anymore...

    Arctic TRN : I figure I need at least 400-500 scales to make this happen to a length I would be happy with...if I want to end up with short sleeves (which I'm not even sure how I'd do it) I would probably need another 200....

    Would the shiny aluminum be a decent match do you think?

  4. I made a scale shirt (no sleeves) and wore it at my handfasting actually. I made it a few years back and I *think* it was made using stainless clad aluminum or something like that....

    I don't know exactly and TRL doesn't sell the scales anymore....I need to get more to make the shirt longer (I'm slightly bigger than when I made it a few years back I think)...I just want it to look better...

    Is there a way to tell what scales I used? Right now the shirt weighs around 30-35lbs....which leads me to think stainless....but it's shiny!!

  5. So I've been ogling the Lotus Flower scale candle holders on the site and I was wondering if anyone has purchased the kit and instructions yet and has a review on it. I have a bunch of small scales kicking around still and was considering getting the tutorial instructions but I'm not sure if I have the right sized rings around to pull it off. If I were placing the order I'd just do it all in one shot and get more rings...

    I don't want the instructions for free, I know they take time to put together, but can I be let in on the ring sizes needed to see if i have some in my stock before ordering the instructions?

  6. I used the "V" neck for my shirt that I have posted in the discussion forum under the Wedding Maille topic. It sits nicely and doesn't bunch up. However, when a scale decides to "perk up" just as someone is hugging you, it tends to impale upon them...so it's not just armour, it's a weapon also!

  7. I could have done more with the sleeves of it, but it was my first full shirt and wasn't sure how to make it all work but this did just fine for the purposes. It's also a wee bit short, but I ran out of scales before completing it (and time)

  8. Well, I promised to post photos of the wedding where I had the opportunity to wear some scale armour that I made. Here is one of the first pictures we have back. We won't have all the fancy ones from our photographer for a few weeks as I had anticipated but this is a start. I'll post more as I have them.


  9. This is going to be a surprise also. Not to my wife, she has already seen it (I let her decide between the chain and scale) and also the guy standing up for me at the ceremony. He will know about it as he has to help me remove it without taking half of my face with it like I usually do (I've had really bad scratches...my neck hole is just a bit bigger than my head so I have to be careful when it turns on itself).

    It should be a grand affair for sure!

  10. So, coming up to my handfasting and I will be decked out in my Scale armor shirt that I made. I'm stupid excited to be able to wear this for such a huge occasion. I was going to wear my standard maille, but figured the Scale would be much more impressive.

    I'll be posting photos after the handfasting....

  11. Well, I'm getting married in 2012...May 2012 to be slightly more precise...well, May 5, 2012 to be EXACT I guess...

    Anyway, I've started work on a chainmail shirt I shall be wearing for this event. Making it from 1614 SS rings. It's slow moving right now, but I'm sure I'll pick up some speed soon if my wrists don't give out first.

    I've made one shirt before in 4-1 and also a scale shirt or two...this is going to be my heaviest project yet I think...yeesh

    Anyway, just had to post it...

  12. Wait, Gerard Butler was in Beowulf? I thought he was in 300. Or was it both? Anyway, that's not the point.

    Even though Beowulf's chainmail was all computer generated, it was portrayed quite accurately,

    Gerard Butler was in Beowulf and Grendel....the Beowulf "animated" movie was the one you are referring to. I highly recommend the real live-action movie one...

    Search for Beowulf and Grendel...and yes, the mail in that was real...the special features are priceless....

  13. I just had a request from a customer whom I made a few things for if I could do a similar piece in "white". Now, I know there were Etched aluminum rings at one point, but is there anything still like that out there? I need 14 3/8" size rings to make it exact.


  14. Thought I'd try the ornament kit to see how well I can do j6-1.


    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had tried it out. I did the tree pattern that came with it, and holy hell the last few rings are near impossible to get in. It keeps stretching other rings open and popping them out. I spent about 40 minutes making the pattern and stuff, and then almost an hour attaching them to the welded rings (which i missed on at one point and near wanted to scream)

    Anyway, just thought I'd see how others are dealing with the extreme tightness.