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  1. knuut

    Matte vs. Shiny Titanium

    Tumbling does work on assembled mail if the AR is 7 or larger but it is days slow and the result is shiny gray instead of matt gray. The only way back to factory bright is likely vacuum melting and re-drawing the wire .
  2. knuut


    TSA has NO sense of humor when it comes to micromail. I tried a welded titanium micromail shirt in my checked luggage about 15 years ago and got yanked from the flight, missed over a thousand dollars in connecting flights, had the shirt confiscated, and informed that interfering with a federal officer in the performance if his duties was a felony with jail time. They were being pompous asses but I was never able to get the shirt back or any re-reimbursement for the missed flights.
  3. knuut

    Want your opinions

    Nope, and I have no idea who it might be. I haven't been active on the Archive for many years but when I was it was as 'knuut'
  4. knuut

    Want your opinions

    Only a thousand?
  5. knuut

    Which metals hold weight the best?

    Silver is fine but learn to hard solder the links shut. it's what jewlers have been doing for thousands of years.
  6. knuut

    Newbie ?: Curved seams

    Never gone. You type faster than I do and mostly say the same things I would say so I lurk and let you talk.
  7. knuut

    Newbie ?: Curved seams

    You can't. You can only approximate. Chainmail is a low-res pixelated environment like the early versions of Mario that ran on a regular tube TV. Curves render as a series of right angle steps which from a distance look smooth. You can expand or contract along the two major axes but those changes are incremental. Creating the illusion of a smooth curve is art and practice
  8. knuut

    Newbie ?: Curved seams

    I have found that crocheting is an even better model for mailing. The armpit process that I have been using for the last 20 odd years came from one of my mother's crocheting books and two of my three favorite coif patterns were ice skating masks that my grandmother made for me when I was a child.
  9. knuut

    Vinegar, Copper, and Coated Crystals

    try concentrated ammonia. it's an alkali, does a fair job on copper oxide and leaves most other metals alone. It will also clean silver tarnish but you have to be careful to flush the waste solution before it has a chance to dry. Of the possible end products, silver azide is probably the most stable. It has sometimes been used in blasting caps and primers in places where mercury fulminate or lead azide were deemed too toxic.
  10. knuut

    A question for those who weld their mail

    Trying to manipulate the whole piece to get one link correctly positioned for a weld is slow and tiring. Doing it 10,000 plus times would be insane. work in smaller sections whenever possible.
  11. knuut

    Where can I sell Chainmail?

    You sell over the internet with PayPal and a good website. You market by going to SCA and LARP events and showing your wares. You probably won't sell much there (most people don't carry that kind of free cash) but you want to make sure that every person who gets in hailing distance of your setup gets a flier or a good business card.
  12. knuut

    Riveted Hauberk help

    ... and when your ill fitted Indian mail gets knocked apart in a couple of years, check out my website
  13. knuut

    Cosplay Advice

    Links with that large an aspect ratio don't hold together well unless they are soldered shut as those are (enlarge the picture about 10X and you can see the light colored blobs). That's a lot to get done in 4 weeks. I hope you have a lot of free time or a good 'Plan B'.
  14. knuut

    Flex coupler

  15. knuut

    Riveting aluminum

    You also can't anneal, solder or weld anodized aluminum without destroying the dyes that color it. The anodized layer itself may survive but it will revert to it's natural color which may be clear or gray depending on the alloy.