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  1. Lord Reenie

    is saw cut worth it?

    Depends on the quality you want to show with your work. Jewelry should be saw cut with good closures. Armour can be machine cut since it does not really touch skin. All my jewelry is saw cut except rings that are too small to cut.
  2. Lord Reenie

    The 'nerd' factor

    I agree with you both. 'Normal' is not the norm and the world would be very boring if it were. I always get comments about how my items are for the festivals even though the same person will go down the street to by a chain made in china.
  3. Lord Reenie

    Brass, Bronze and Copper discoloration to the skin

    Anything you put on copper will wear off. For myself my copper bracelet always marks my arm, which I don't mind as I like the look of copper. During the winter, when I don't sweat, the copper buffs to a shine. I always tell my customers about the changes in color that copper will go through during the year. The green or brown mark it leaves is the way copper is taken into the body.
  4. Lord Reenie

    Cat and Rat Armour

    This is amazing. The armour looks great at this scale. I have done dog chainmaille but not to this extent.
  5. Lord Reenie

    Here is my Snow Maiden Capelet

    Kittensoft_Chainmail. Thank you. It is bright aluminum in 16 and 14 ga. I figure I have about 36 hours in the construction that does not include cutting the rings. Next time I will order precut rings for something this size. rollcake. Being aluminum it is only a few pounds and the weight is spread over the shoulders so it would hang like a shirt.
  6. Lord Reenie

    Here is my Snow Maiden Capelet

    I made this capelet for the M.A.I.L. contest 'Elements'. It contains over 157 snowflakes.
  7. Lord Reenie

    A Question about Copper

    My first byzantine braclet was of copper wire (as bought at lowes) the same specs as the rings you are planning and I have worn this for 7 years without any problems.
  8. Lord Reenie

    Mantle maille vest

    What you have is a mantle style vest. It is a style you see on some of the Knights tombs. This style is what I used for my first shirt. Mine was 17 ga 1/4 id galvanized.
  9. Lord Reenie

    Suggestions on adding padding to pliers

    I use nylon packing string running around the handle and up and down the handle. Cover all with hot glue and smooth with the end of the glue gun. Makes the handles wider which helps with the pain factor. I also wear fingerless work gloves when the hands get too sore.
  10. Lord Reenie

    rockin the home made BA

    I coil and cut most of my rings. I get BA wire in 14, 16, and 18 ga from TRL since it would cost way more from the welding stores here. Figuring in my wages for cutting (I use a jewelers saw), it may be less expensive to purchase premade rings but by the time I stockpile the assortment I use it is not practical. I can make just the right amount of rings for each project.
  11. Lord Reenie

    Securing your product at fairs

    Just got done with Labor Day Michigan RenFest. Lots of people and loads of kids. Chainmaille has to be picked up and felt to make it understood. All my product is out there to be felt and held. Not much gold and silver yet but they will be protected further to keep them from running off. Extra hands are a definate plus when the crowds get big.
  12. Second weekend vending at the Michigan RenFest. Hope the rain holds off.

  13. Lord Reenie

    Clasps for Men's Bracelets

    I use handmade hooks for most of my bracelets. Easy on one handed and easy off one handed. I have worn my copper bracelet for almost five years (with a prototype hook) and it has only fallen off twice when I hit it on my leg.
  14. Lord Reenie

    Best care for copper

    I use copper quite a bit. I buy stranded ground wire at Lowes and untwist to get 6 or 7 strands of wire. After cutting the rings I tumble with steel shot to get rid of the varnish covering and make them shine. My copper tarnishes but most of my customers like the idea of a metal that changes with the seasons. Winter no tarnish and summer tarnish. I try to stay with weaves that involve more than one or two rings taking the strain but have also made E4in1 out of 17 ga 5/16 ID and it has held up.
  15. Lord Reenie

    Nylon Plyer Question

    I have used electrical tape in a pinch and have now just starting using Tool Magic. Like the Tool Magic if you have time to wait. Electrical tape is for impatient maillers or you have a load of work to do in one sitting. Pressing against your fingernail to start the close also works to give you a little more room.