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  1. 14 gauge 3/8" galvanized steel coif. Made this during break and lunch times at work.
  2. Fergus

    Mail coif

    3/8" 14 gauge galvanized. I make my own rings for most of what I make. Currently I am just making sheets of mail at work. I am thinking that after the new year I may make another coif.
  3. Fergus

    Mail coif

    Here are a couple of pictures of another coif I just finished. The think that is different about this project is how and where i made it. I made the entire project at work working on it only during my break and lunch times. When I started the project I gave myself four months to finished it. I was able to finish it in less than three months. Now I need another project I can work on at work during my break and lunch times.
  4. Fergus


    I like your idea for a chainmail bedsheet. I am thinking I might have to try this.
  5. Fergus

    Need help identifying rings

    14 gauge 3/8" rings.
  6. Fergus

    think geek selling maille??

    Within an hour of think geek posting this I had at least ten people send me the link. My little sister said that I should start making these for think geek. She knows I charge less than a quarter what they are charging.
  7. Fergus

    Person behind the maille

    Here is a picture of me and my wife at Atlantian Crown Tourney last spring.
  8. Fergus

    How big are your orders?

    My normal order is around $250, but I only place one or two orders a year. Most of my work is galvanized steel, and I make those rings myself.
  9. Fergus

    Avatar: The movie

    I liked it. It was a very good movie. Although the story was a bit shallow, it was not bad.
  10. Fergus

    Mailled grill-sling for a charcoal smoker?

    Sounds like a great project. I wish I had reason I could make one.
  11. Fergus

    tower shield

    Here are a couple of pictures of the House Hedgehog fighting unit. They use large wall shields. However, they find it is hard to run while using these shields so most of them are switching to heater shields.
  12. Fergus


    I like it. Good Job!
  13. Fergus

    What shall I do with a million feet of 12 gauge?

    I say spin yourself some 1/2" rings and make a shirt. With rings that large you should finish it in just a couple of weeks.
  14. Fergus

    Man and Beast (Inlay)

    Wow!!!! That is great!
  15. Fergus

    Punched rings

    Punched rings are rings that are punched out of a sheet of metal. They are solid rings with no joint. These rings are very strong and are very good for making armor. A couple of years ago you could purchase punched rings from TRL. However, when TRL started making their own scales that more or less came to an end. From what I understand the machine that they once used for making the punched rings is now used for making scales. So, unless TRL finds themselves very well stocked on all their scales it is highly unlikely they will be making any punched rings.