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  1. phoenixmcroy

    Chainmail and weed

    I'm originally from BC, so that should totally answer that question, hahaha! I agree about the inspriation that it can and does lead me to - I've come up with some pretty fancy-dancy ideas and designs while high, and do find that time can fly if you're not paying attention... This is fantastic for large projects, and can really help if I'm cranking out the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over.... Sorry, got carried away..... I also crochet, sew, embroider, paint and clean my house or work in my yard while 'inspired' - add some music, and I can have my own little party I totally agree about not using power tools or fire while baked, but that should be common sense for everyone...... Not only do I 'maille high, but I make things for those who get high and appreciate the 'maille As of last week, I've started to sell some of my weed/'maille products at one of the largest hemp stores in Calgary - very excited, and hoping that they will be placing another order with me soon. What am I selling you ask???? Well.... that I am going to post in the adult forum as soon as I can get the pics off-loaded from my camera I'm going to be adding roach clips to the inventory list as well shortly, as they have been a hit with friends and family - will post some once they're done... Happy high 'mailing - be safe!
  2. phoenixmcroy

    Business in Calgary

    Here's the link http://www.businessincalgary.com/ Shows the cover page - story is on pg 47
  3. phoenixmcroy

    Business in Calgary

    So, I work for a transportation company in Calgary and we get several magazines for our industry as well as local publications. This morning, the November edition of 'Business in Calgary' came across my desk in the mail. Lo and behold, there's a whoppin' great patch of chainmaille on the cover! I flipped through the mag, and found the applicable article - the 2010 Business Hall of Fame Laureat awards. Apparently, the piece on the cover is the actual award, done in a sculpture style - there's 2 shown in the pics for the article. It's a corner of Euro 4-1 standing the 'wrong' way, with a gold colored ring at the point, mounted onto a base. I wish I had a scanner so I could show the pics - the website for Business in Calgary hasn't posted the November issue yet, but when it does, I will forward the link. Any idea on who would have done the sculpture? Hopefully one of us!
  4. phoenixmcroy

    22ga 1/8" ring strength and soldering

    You could always look at the new solder filled gold wire (if you can make your own rings). I bought some 20gg 14K yellow gold wire from... Darn it, now I can't remember the company.... It was from a jewellry supply company in the eastern US - big name, if I heard it I'd know it... Anyways, I did a E4-1 with 1/8ID in the 20gg, pickled and soldered (cleaned, etc) , then gave it away... haven't heard any complaints, haven't had any repair requests....
  5. phoenixmcroy

    Old work - new photos

    Hey all, I haven't posted anything is quite a while. Was inspired by a number of people posting about their home-made light boxes, so I made my own! These is one of the first pics that I snapped the other day - just now had time to edit and post them. Let me know what you think! All 20gg, Copper and Aluminum. Half persian 3-1 sheet 6 and Euro 4-1 Ring sizes are 3/16" and 1/8", but don't quote me - I made this several years ago, and don't quite remember!
  6. phoenixmcroy


    That is amazing!! What is the artist's name? I did a quick search on Google for Maltesing - all I could find was a bunch of information on feline genetics... I would love to see/know more about her!!!
  7. phoenixmcroy

    Crochet meets chainmaille?

    Well... Nifty... *looks around* Now I have to learn to crochet again....
  8. phoenixmcroy

    In the Name of the King

    "I just saw the film. It was amusing, at the very least. A few Xena moments here and there, and the dungeon prisoner pick-up lines were great." We went to see it opening night here in Calgary - I wasn't impressed with the acting or the story line The props, costuming and scenery were absolutely fabulous though!!!!! Also loved the maille and armour - way to go Ring Lord!!!! "I can tell you when Stargate called last summer for maille for the 2 movies that are coming out I had a minor total geek flip out excitment moment. Ok maybe not so minor." WOOHOO!!!! I'd have a freak-out too, don't blame you!! My roomie will be sooooo thrilled to hear that they are doing them!! Thanks for the heads up, can't wait!!
  9. What qualifies an AR as Ultra Low? 3.9... or lower maybe? I have an idea of what I'm going to try to do