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  1. Interesting, I had never considered banding the rings.  One possibility I had considered was removing an isosceles triangle of maille from the wrist and narrowing up the forearm, then simply lacing them together to close up around my arm.  I also considered attaching some leather and buckles but lacing seems easier and faster.  My first suit had closed-hang sleeves but I did a poor job tailoring it.  Every time I lift my arms I wind up lifting the whole suit.

    Side note: I enjoyed that documentary on the HEMA forums website.  I had no idea that zero English armor survived from the 1400's.  I had always thought that at least something (presumably a king's armor) had survived in a museum somewhere.

  2. I've been contemplating attaching my previously made coif to this as described above. Currently it is just a coif and mantle that manage to overlap any areas not covered by the haubergeon. Mitts are also on the table but I'm not entirely sure that I want to have them physically attached to the sleeves, and the same goes for the coif. Everything all-in-one is awesome but I like having the option of removing parts that have become cumbersome if, for instance, I've been at the Renaissance festival all day long and ha e reached a significant level of intoxication...

    A new pair of chausses is also on the drawing board; one that will match this suit in materials used.

    I have several pieces of plated armour that I will occasionally throw overtop the maille, usually just for added snazz, but that obviously increases my carry weight significantly as I made a point of ensuring that the plated steel was suitable for SCA combat. Which brings up something I've often wondered... awesome as it looks, was there ever a time period wherein significant plating overlapped full suits of maille? I've seen plenty of examples of nothing but maille and nothing but plate, as well as mostly plate with a few areas of maille protecting joints (sewn to the gambeson or arming jacket, I assume) but don't specifically recall both in full force. It seems that it would be excessive at that point. Snazzy, but excessive.

  3. Thanks all! To be honest I didn't know the difference between the two terms but that's good information to have.

    I should be taking out for the first time next weekend. It'll be a little loose since I lack the proper padding but compared to my previous suit it'll be nice having full arm protection. If anyone gets a picture of me in it I'll post it here.

  4. Been a loooong time since I poked my head in here.  Here's something I've been working on for some time.

    Stats: 16g 1/4"ID, combination punched stainless steel rings and spring hard stainless steel rings.  Weight: ~30.5lbs, ~40k rings.  Time: no idea.  Roughly estimate over 200 hours, maybe even close to 250.


    I took time to do my best in tailoring the suit, following the guidelines here.


    I used Hole Row contractions down the sleeves to taper them and a series of Knot Row expansions/contractions at the elbow to push the outside of the sleeve down a bit further.  My goal there was to ensure a strait line of rings at my wrist with my elbow bent and to provide a little bit of baggage at the elbow so the sleeve wouldn't lock up on me.  In spite of my efforts to spread these these expansions and contractions out as much as possible there are lots of very visible loose rings at the contraction points.  My hope is that plated steel elements over and around them will cover them up or draw attention away from them.


    The underarms are closed and followed the suggestions in the above link.  I will post a picture of the armpit below.  I am able to lift my arms up forming a "T" with minimal stress or lifting on the body of the hauberk.  Raising my arms any further (to praise the sun \[T]/) begins to lift the body of the hauberk to some degree.


    Expansions were installed over the shoulders to the back to create gussets and allow me to fold my arms over my chest without creating stress points over the back or locking the suit up.  Before these expansions were installed I couldn't touch my elbows together in front of my torso.  With the expansions I can do that easily and comfortably.


    Standard expansions over the hips were used and I may need to add more after I get a proper gambeson.  In the right lighting, noticeable shading differences can be seen in areas which indicate different batches of punched rings.  Basically, some batches were more dished than others.  I suppose this places some emphasis on placing your full ring order all at once if possible, assuming you are obsessive compulsive like me...


    All in all I'm pleased with this and happy to see it mostly complete, minus an additional expansion or three.


  5. I've heard of passengers flying with ballistic armor. I doubt it will be an issue, just take it off before screening and explain why you are wearing it on the plane. I've considered doing the very same thing myself if I were flying somewhere and wanted my armor with me.

  6. In my two previous orders I've noticed that bags of 1614 anodized aluminum are consistently around 30 rings short. I've gone through four bags of violet rings and just finished with a bag of red rings. Did I miss a disclaimer somewhere or is there an issue in packaging? I sent an email a little less than a week ago but have not received a response.

  7. Thanks for the help, everyone. I'm fairly certain that I have not made more than $400 this past year so it will definitely be filed as a hobby. I'm just going to need to start keeping track of sales, etc in the future... that and probably hire someone to do my taxes for me xD

  8. I'm currently in the process of doing my 2010 taxes. I used to do everything by paper but I've decided to be lazy this year and use TurboTax. I've arrived at the state portion and it's talking about "use" taxes. Having spent over $1000 (tax free) at this website, my owed state taxes just jumped up quite a bit. A friend of mine is recommending I write the purchases off as a business expense but here's the deal:

    -I don't own a small business, this is still a hobby.

    -I make some money here and there, but nothing significant.

    -I don't have a website, business cards or anything else to imply that I actually have a running business.

    Can I legally write the purchases off as business expenses, not legally owning a business and paying the appropriate business taxes? If so, how would I do this? I'm a Virginia state resident, if that helps in any manner. Much thanks to anyone who can provide some assistance!

  9. Thanks! I didn't need to do any lacing. I had originally tried to make the area around the neck as form-fitting as possible to save on weight and to avoid the sort of baggy look that is has around the neck. I didn't like how it turned out aesthetically. I wound up removing the contractions I had made up until my head could just squeeze through with the padding that I'm using. When it's complete I will try to get someone else to take some pictures of the side/back/etc while I'm wearing everything else I've made.

  10. I've been working on my second attempt at a coif for the past couple months and this is my progress. I've been going by the pattern posted here. I haven't needed to make a split in the back of the head to lace it up, as is likely evident by the extra baggage around the neck.

    Stats are 1614 spring hard stainless and the 1614 stainless punched rings. I plan on expanding the coif around four more rows to the edges of my shoulders. After that I plan on making a long-sleeved hauberk using the same combination of materials.


    By the way, I sorta bought all of the punched stainless rings that TRL had in stock. Hoping it's enough to finish out the hauberk or that TRL restocks them ^_^

  11. In my most recent order I also had one bag of rubber rings that wasn't completely sealed. The hole was big enough for rings to fit through but small enough that none of them fell out during the shipping process. I haven't received a bulk order in some time so I don't know if the packing process is similar or different, but I just thought I'd let you know by adding to this thread.

  12. Had a great time. Got there shortly after the fair opened and managed to last until around 5pm before exhaustion set in. Got a number of compliments on the setup (the scales seemed to be the big hit) and a lot of people asking to take pictures. Unfortunately the only pictures I have are those that my friends took and they're only upper-torso + head pictures. The turkey leg was delicious, as always.

    On a side note I noticed a rather heavy steam punk presence that day...



  13. Sorry Mandragoran. It looks like we are not going to make it this year. It looks like you should have lovely weather though. Out of Curiosity, are you talking about the hats from Holy Cow?

    I am very much looking forward to the weather :)

    I'm not sure where the hats are sold. My father bought it easily 15 years ago and it was passed down to me. One of the brims on the hat folds up around the feather. I don't really know how else to describe it but I'll be posting pictures from the festival when I get back.

  14. I'll be going on the 23rd of October (this coming Saturday) and will likely be there all day. Anyone else thinking about going out there? I should be relatively easy to spot. I'll be wearing chain and scale maille from shoulder to feet and I'll be wearing one of the ever popular wide-brimmed and feathered black hats that are sold at the fair.

  15. Here is the current state of the set of chausses of been work on. Stats are SH1614. Each leg weighs approximately 7.25 pounds and is suspended by three 2-2 chains that attach to a maille belt loop. Took quite a bit of putting them on and taking them off to get the measurement somewhat proper. I do plan on working them up a few inches higher than they currently are but I wanted them wearable for my trip to the Maryland Renaissance Festival this Saturday (the 23rd of October). Fortunately my hauberk hangs low enough to provide full coverage of my legs. All of the expansions are spread out on the backs of the legs. At the ankle it started somewhere around 40 rings and expanded to somewhere between 80-90 where they currently stop.

    I had a chance to wear them around for a day and the straps are holding up. There is some restriction on leg movement but pulling the back straps to the sides of my butt cheeks as opposed to behind them (which is where they usually sit) increases comfort and decreases stress on the straps if I need to sit down.

    Thoughts, questions, and/or constructive criticism always welcome! Also, I apologize for the grainy images. I seem to have lost my camera and have to resort to using my Crackberry.






  16. If you're looking at making such a weapon from scratch (IE blacksmithing) then I would highly suggest working on some smaller projects first. Learn the basics before jumping into a large project. A simple Google search on "blacksmithing" turned up these sites:

    http://www.blacksmithsdepot.com/ (supplier)

    http://www.iforgeiron.com/ (forum)

    I hope to get into smithing myself, one day. In regards to the wood used for the shaft I would recommend ash or oak.

  17. Looks like I've got some adjusting to do. I had put all of the contractions strait down the center of the spine. Thankfully my vest is large scales so the adjustments won't take TOO long to make. Thanks for the help everyone! I'll be posting pictures once it's complete which with any luck should be in a week or two.

  18. The further down I get on my scale vest, the baggier the lower back becomes. Should I continue to make contractions down the spine to tighten things up or should I be putting the contractions in other places?

    [EDIT] Sorry about the size of the picture, I always forget to size them down >.< You can see where the last contraction was if you know what to look for, right above where it starts getting baggy


  19. I work for TSA. All tools on your carry on luggage must be under seven inches in length and I can confirm that the rules do change constantly. If you make jewelry I would recommend bringing your jewelry supplies as they will be much more likely to get through than a pair of lineman's pliers. I would also recommend bringing just enough to keep yourself occupied and leaving everything else at home or in your checked luggage.

  20. Core training is a must, in my opinion. If you wear the hauberk for long periods of time without holding a proper posture it will, as someone put it, "wreak havoc" on your body. Especially your back. If you develop the muscles attached to your back you will greatly reduce the risk of injury. I wore my 23lb hauberk at work for almost half a year underneath my uniform. I got used to the weight in a few weeks but after making a wrong move or two while lifting some bags I screwed things up in my lower back immensely. I would also recommend doing some yoga before and after you put it on, something to stretch out and relax your back and neck. Someone already posted a thread that had links to which yoga positions will be the most helpful. I would also recommend wearing some padding underneath. A single t-shirt will help with the discomfort of metal scraping against your skin but you will still feel the neckline digging into your shoulders. A gambeson would be ideal but lacking that you could perhaps try a fencing jacket or sweater. It all depends on your tolerance.

    Have fun getting used to it! It's a lot of fun and makes an excellent topic for conversation when someone pats you on the back or shoulder and says, "What are you wearing?" :D

  21. 4. an alien has swaped out your wire for a new alloy that behaves like stainless steel but is actually their larvae. Do not get it wet! :D

    Wait... what happens if I get it wet?


    I've gone through an entire bag of the new rings. A few of them felt as strong as I remember them being so I'm going to guess it was the third explanation. All of the packaging on the old and new rings matches, as do my orders. I've done some work with SH rings so I know what those feel like. I should be getting into my second and third bags of the new batch today so I'll let everyone know what happens. :)