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  1. Katya4me


    OMG, were you insane? I was sort of expecting another CGI rendering before I opened the thread. Impressive and now I'm off to stick with JPL5 and below...
  2. Katya4me


    I hadn't talked to him in over a year, but he was a cool guy and I'm glad to have met him.
  3. Katya4me

    Rihanna's Gold-plated Chainmaille Dress

    Hmm, I can see the pictures now? I think their account is getting overwhelmed. I'll look for other photos, but the blog write-up is interesting as well. How about this one? http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2670/4135225374_d1f2f53c51.jpg
  4. A friend just sent me a link to this and I must say it's impressively amazing. http://blog.noirjewelry.com/?p=170
  5. Katya4me

    Cut off all my hair :)

    Looks very good. Short hair is awesome. We've got balance in our house too, my hair is shorter than yours and my husband's is almost to his waist.
  6. Katya4me

    what do you drive?

    Moxnix and I are members of the Sportscar Club of America and just came back from a National Solo Tour event in NY this weekend, so I guess I should chime in on this thread. Daily drivers: 2003 Laser Blue Protege5 and 1990 Red Miata Other cars: 2003 Spicy Orage Mazdaspeed Protege and 1995 mostly green Saturn SL Truck: 1990 Ford Ranger 4x4 Bike: 2000(?) Kawasaki Ninja Current car for racing: friend's 2006 gray Mazda RX-8. All vehicles are manual transmission and yes, we are a bit hooked on Mazdas. The Saturn is for rally-cross once we start doing that and the truck was free and great for hauling stuff. If I can ever get my hands on a Mazdaspeed 2, I will be all over it.
  7. Love the persian dragonscale and viperscale but the dragon head is definitely drool worthy.
  8. Katya4me

    First Piece

    Oh that is amazing, esp. for your first full piece. Your closures look very good considering the cuts and I hope your girlfriend loves her new bag. What are the ring size(s)?
  9. Katya4me

    Favorite tea vendor

    My last order of tea came from Rishi Tea and included their Jasmine Pearls, Pu-erh Tuo Cha and Schizandra Berries, all of which have been very tasty. I also like the blooming teas I've gotten from http://www.rariteas.com.
  10. Katya4me

    Elfweave strikes again....

    Oooh, I love how you mixed the square and round rings, that looks so good and your closures are great.
  11. Katya4me


  12. Katya4me


    And now I have another one to add to my list of weaves to learn.... I do want to say thank you for posting real pictures of all of those weaves from MAILLE. HP 3in1 w/ smaller rings on the underside?
  13. Katya4me

    Two more weaves for me...

    I like those. Is Open Road similar to Butterfly?
  14. Katya4me

    Valentines gift

    That is gorgeous, you both did beautifully and I hope your girlfriend continues to make more silver pieces. Love that color combination.
  15. Katya4me

    Old Rings= New Things

    I have bought many rings over the past several years and now I'm trying to use up all of my older rings in order to free up storage space. I've been on a Full Persian kick recently which was perfect for these ring sizes. These first pieces are 22ga 1/8" anodized niobium in Rose Gold and Peacock Blue in the necklace and bracelet and were purchased in August 2007. I haven't tumbled them yet and I'm hoping the rings will smooth out afterwards because they're rather rough now. The toggles are courtesy of ice and are 18ga nio., anodized to 67.5 and 87 volts. 7" Bracelet: 17" Necklace: In continuing with the trend, I also made earrings for each of these pieces. The peacock colored rings are pinch-cut 20ga 3/16" titanium and were purchased in April 2006 and are on sterling hooks with Swarovski flower pendants. The 20ga 3/16" rose gold niobium in the other earrings are the only saw-cut rings and those were anodized this past winter along with the matching niobium earhooks and include Swarovski cosmic ring pendants and a rogue closure. Peacock Earrings: Rose-Gold Earrings: