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  1. Thanks very much! I'm probably going to go with something similar to the velvet looking material you used in the same example for the straps (if I can find something similar) since it looks soft and easy to tie.
  2. Thought I'd update that I was finally able to get around to connecting both sides together. Took me a few tries, but in the end I think it came together well and stabilizing rings are all in now so only straps left and I can't wait to get it to the wearable point XD I do have one final question for Jodey (or anyone else if they know the answer =D), at the end of the tutorial where it shows two examples, do you remember what size/gauge ring was used to thread the fabric straps through (on the left example, silver/red/orange bra)? I'm terrible at judging sizes from my monitor and then translating it to an actual size
  3. Thanks very much for the input Jodey! ^_^ I'm going to dive into it tonight and see what happens, I just have this irrational fear of it all tumbling apart as I start taking things out. lol Made my second order for more scales last night. Since this first project seems to be going well I decided to go ahead and make an entire outfit to wear at Dragon*Con this year.
  4. The scale maille bra tutorial made by Bike Part Jewelry has been my first foray into learning how to work with scales (have had a blast learning and can't wait to learn some chainmail patterns next). I've gotten both pieces put together but I'm somewhat apprehensive about the process of weaving the two cups together into one piece since it involves taking out some of the scales that I just put together @_@ Anyone have any pointers/tips on this step before I just dive in and hope for the best? Thanks! =D
  5. Just received my first order the other night and started figuring out how to put everything together. All the colored scales are really lovely (I picked up a bag each of the available small scale colors) and I'm having so much more fun than I anticipated that I'm going to place another order for more of the colors I decided to work with. =D A small project (the start picture is attached) has I think turned into the possibility of a rather large one now. XD