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    Help on a mini-tapestry?

    (Background: I'm a beginner. I do basic stuff, not into doing anything fancy. I am also atrocious with numbers) The last part being what I'm asking about. I want to do something of a mini-tapestry for a friend. (I'm not looking to make it bigger than an 8x11 sheet of paper) It's going to be super simple, just a three-color logo, so really that won't be a problem. Euro 6-1 or 4-1, depending on recommendations. (Bright Aluminum, Green and Black) What I'm wondering is what sort of rings should I order to make a solid picture? I don't really know what size rings I should get, which I know will depend on the weave. Is there any advice on how I can figure out what would make a good dense weave for this little project? I'm normally awful when I buy rings and just. Buy. And then figure out what to do later. I am so bad at this.
  2. Hamartia

    Help with planning super easy project

    AR? I'm being an idiot at the moment, I'm not sure what you mean by that.
  3. Okay. Hi. I'm new. Like. I literally registered to ask this question. Uh. Where to start, now. I'm Hamartia, I've been doing this stuff for like eight years, and I've not really done a lot. I know the basic weaves and given enough time I could probably figure out other patterns 'n stuff, but I just like the basics. I recently wanted to get back into mailing and I've decided to do something for one of my favorite vloggers, a small chainmail version of his logo. This is a ridiculously easy project, considering it'll be straight up 4-in-1 or something weave, but the thing is. I've never done... anything like this before. The extent of my "work" has always been ultra-simple bracelets and earrings. And it's never had a pattern like this. I don't know where to start with thinking about making the colors line up properly to make the circle.... And how much I need to think about ordering to make it the right size. And the right rings. And. I'm bad at this. So, basically. 1- Sizing. I don't know how big I want to make it, but I know it's not going to be huge. Nothing bigger than a 8x11 piece of paper, definitely. I'm bad at proportions, so I don't even know where to begin with that. 2- Rings. I'm partial to the andonized aluminum. And the Bright Aluminum. I don't know how to figure out how many rings I'd need, or what gauge/ID rings to get. Considering the last time I ordered rings I just went "Oh hey, those look good" and figured it out from there... If it's just going to be a simple 4-in-1 or 6-in-1 piece, what should I be looking for gauge-wise? Also, how much should I order?