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  1. Ferd De Mann

    Gloves of Metal!

    Scales are totally awesome. Makes me what to dabble in scales even more
  2. Ferd De Mann

    Chainmail Hacky Sack - How?

    I used to go and buy those cheap hacks that break after a couple kicks and use those as stuffing.
  3. Ferd De Mann

    Dawn of the Dead Inlay (WHAT?!)

    Thats amazing. I've been starting on inlays myself recently and to see pieces like this.....its just inspirational.
  4. Ferd De Mann

    TRL U.S. Orders

    My times are about 2 weeks unless I rush. Then its about a week and a half lol.
  5. Ferd De Mann


    I would dare to suggest to make rings out of a material that can become magnetized then leave those rings in a strong magnetic field for some time. I use personally use hard drive magnets. Accidentaly left a few of my pliers in the same box as these and they became magnetized. Kinda annoying when your rings don't drop when you release on the pliers
  6. Ferd De Mann

    Any Ideas On Making A Peace Sign....

    I've made a couple peace signs and pretty much it boiled down to using boxchain woven around a metal hoop. That provided the mean for a perfect circle to remain a perfect circle. Then I used small segments of half persian (or byzantine in another) made of 20ga 1/8 rings connected at the center for the peace symbol lines. EDIT: Heres a link to one in the M.A.I.L Gallery, not mine, but I based mine off of this one. http://mailleartisans.org/gallery/pics/31374dscf1262.jpg its on page 3 of the pendent gallery
  7. Ferd De Mann

    Anodized Aluminum Earrings Question

    I take the same approach with my key chains. I only have silver key rings, but the focus is the chain itself, no one cares about the keyring.
  8. Ferd De Mann

    Credit Card Inlays

    I want to make one....but I don't take credit cards. Maybe one saying "no checks" lol.
  9. Ferd De Mann

    Wonkey Rings

    I do teh same, I have a container dedicated to the off colour misfits, I like derailed idea about using them as accents, hadn't thought about that
  10. Ferd De Mann

    New tool out there?

    Does it come w/ blades?
  11. Ferd De Mann

    A question about jewelry for men.

    I have a red/green/silver elfweave sheet bracelet I wear on occasion, mostly during the holiday season. I do however wear my 20ga 1/8 BA euro 1-4 ring 24/7. I'm a guy btw
  12. Ferd De Mann


    I use mostly the Stanley 6"-8" cutters found at your local wal*mart. They last me for a couple years of heavy cutting before I replace them
  13. Ferd De Mann

    So how do -you- pass the time?

    I mostly watch tv, listen to music, or hang around the M.A.I.L. forums.
  14. Ferd De Mann

    My first stand

    When i sold at our county fair I had a few friends wear some bracelets and just walk around. This drew folks in.
  15. Ferd De Mann

    Dragonscale Question

    I've always used rings that fit inside each other and never had problems. Maybe I've been lucky this whole time...