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  1. Krid

    Aluminum / Rubber Shirt

    Are both of you saying to use the 16516 rubber with the 1438 AA or am I reading this wrong? I want to suggest the bigger rings to him because I know how much longer it'll take to use the 16g. He doesn't want a super fancy looking shirt, just a quick, clean one.
  2. Krid

    Aluminum / Rubber Shirt

    Hi guys! I'm asking this question for a friend who wants to get back into mailing, but hasn't made anything for 10+ years!!! They are wanting to make a shirt out of black AA and black EPDM for costume-use only. They want to use half rubber so they don't have to close half the rings (to save time, basically). Normally I would recommend 1438 to him, but TRL doesn't sell the rubber in that size. Is there another site that sells this size rubber at a reasonable price? Should I recommend they bump it down to 16g so they can use the rubber and buy all the rings from the same site? Also, the shirt calculator seems to be confusing me. Does 17k rings sound right for an average man? (seems high to me!) Chest 45" Waist 35" Biceps 17" Length 32" Arm Length 8" Thanks for everyone's help in advance!
  3. Krid

    CIR Bend (Structurally)

    My best advice would be to follow Phong's tutorial at http://cgmaille.com/tutorials/cir90deg.shtml but instead of attaching the two pieces together, just make it as one piece.
  4. Krid

    Leather scales

    My friend made a helmet with leather scales on it, here's a few pictures. If you'd like, I can contact them about how they made it because I know nothing about it! http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/32100_442328632463_695372463_6300692_904678_n.jpg http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/32100_442331232463_695372463_6300881_4649671_n.jpg http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/32530_442211162463_695372463_6297325_197604_n.jpg http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/32530_442211107463_695372463_6297320_1488841_n.jpg
  5. Like last year, I'll be vending at the BC Renaissance Festival this weekend. It'll run from Friday to Monday (as the Monday is a holiday here). If anyone wants to come and take a look around, all is encouraged! I look forward to seeing anyone who decides to come out!
  6. I agree with this, but I also know from experience that surgical stainless steel has MORE nickel than regular stainless, as I'm able to wear 'stainless steel' but not 'surgical stainless steel'. I also believe that not every batch of metal is made equally, so there is most definitely a possibility for variants of the amount of nickel contained in the metals.
  7. Krid

    Preview window

    I'd like to make a request that there be an option for either having all these kinds of extra 'features' turned on (as a default, if you like), or having them turned off. I find it very distracting from the information that I am looking for through the site when boxes keep popping up everywhere.
  8. Krid

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    j_betts, I think the best way to think about it, is 6 sets (of 2 rings each) per 'unit' of byz, rather than 3. The fastest way to weave one 'unit' is 6 open rings, 6 closed rings. Make a 2-2 chain out of 10 of your 12 rings, and use the last 2 open rings for connecting it on to the last set of 12 rings. If that makes any sense... Also, I hate HP3-1. It just looks so untidy! Ugh!
  9. Krid

    Google+ ... lets create a TRL circle!

    How do you add someone on Google+ using an email rather than their user name? When I search it, it comes up empty.
  10. Krid

    Aluminum vs. Copper for colour

    Just for reference, the 20 1/8" dice bag I made for my ex took about 8 or 9 hours labour (I coiled and cut the rings myself, they were stainless). It holds about 3 sets of dice (21).
  11. Krid

    Google+ ... lets create a TRL circle!

    Okay so it's decided to work now, but how do I know who to add? When I search a name, there's like 100 results. Is there a way for us to post a link directly to our profiles so we can add people from here to a Chainmail circle? EDIT: Okay apparently I'm a tad slow tonight, maybe I should just go get some sleep and start fresh tomorrow, haha. I think I've figured it out, for the most part...
  12. Krid

    Google+ ... lets create a TRL circle!

    Thanks for the invite! This is what the emails reads: " Thomas Riley invited you to join him on Google+ The Google+ project is currently working out all the kinks with a small group of testers. If you're not able to access Google+, please check back again soon." There are no links on that email that say 'Join Google+ Now!' or anything like that. So I think for now we're out of luck (On a side note, anyone who wants to chat/maille on cam can always go on Skype with me! I used to have a friend I did that with, but they stopped mailling )
  13. Krid

    Google+ ... lets create a TRL circle!

    I'd like an invite as well, but every time I go to the Google+ webpage, it says that even those people with invites will have to wait, as it's already full. :/ Kridiot@gmail.com
  14. Krid

    Looking for a tutorial

    I had these two pictures saved to my computer because I thought they were amazingly cute, but I can't for the life of me think of who made them, to give them credit (So, if you made them, I apologize, but they're super awesome anyways) Not sure if this is what you're looking for, as they're not really keychains, nor is this a tutorial. EDIT: Just re-read your post. These little guys are clearly not full persian. Oops!
  15. Krid

    HP3-1S6 curving?

    Thanks for the help! I figured out what I did wrong (kinda). I took off the silver row, and added it like I do when I make elfsheet. Not sure if that makes sense to you guys, but it works now! Thanks for letting me know I did have the right ring sizes, and that I somehow messed up the weave when I first tried it.