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  1. Haha! Thats funny. Here is a exploded view of what I am attempting. You can see the finger joints are deep so they act sort as tongues because they stick out: Jon I think I gave you the wrong impression. Through the overlaps will be rivets into the square tube. So I imagine that it will actually be quite strong. I think I have decided to cut out the bulk of the material with cutting wheels on a hand grinder, and then I will square it up with the table saw. This ensures me that there will be very little vibration: every edge will be well supported internally. I should be able to run my wiring harness in between the inside and outside surfaces resulting in an unobstructed air flow in the case.
  2. I havent been here in a long time. How are you all doing these days? I have some 0.0625 aluminum sheet, 12 inches by 24 long. What I want to do is create finger joints along the edges, 1.0625 inches deep so that the short overlapped edges can be riveted to some square tube stock. These will form 5 inside faces of a box. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finger_joint I have a wire feed welder, but do not wish to weld for aesthetic reasons. I am considering using a table saw with the blade reversed to create these finger joints. I'm here to listen if you tell me: "Dont do it!" I busted my home made metal bender on the first attempt. The bends were too long. Looking at commercial benders, they are all rated for thinner metal (or way to expensive/massive!) for this project. I could ask at a different forum, but I trust you guys. I know the level of intelligence and thought present in this community. So speak up, I'll appreciate it. Oh the box is a computer case that will have double walls. The outside surfaces are to be flat sheets bolted to the tube stock with socket head bolts. Thanks for taking time to read this. I hope you have some comments for me.
  3. Fuzzy

    Lampwork and Silver Necklace by Lawless Lady

    The one of a kind glass heart is special, and I like your minimalist presentation. You have a deft touch and an instinctive understanding of balance.
  4. Fuzzy

    Sterling Silver Elfweave Necklace

    I stopped mailling before learning elfweave, so seeing it is one of the last mysteries of maille. The other weaves are largely mundane to me. Thanks for sharing. This is the sort of item one expects to see on a Hollywood legend or some royal personage.
  5. Fuzzy

    Fused Glass Necklace by Lawless Lady

    Neapolitan and licorice ice cream melting in the sun. Globbed onto a chain, and somehow more beautiful for the serendipity.
  6. Fuzzy

    Silver and GF Ladderbyz by Lawless Lady

    I bet it glides on your arm. It looks like it has the friction of a water drop on a hot pan. Its no wonder it has held up.
  7. Fuzzy

    Silver and Crystal Elfweave Bracelet by Lawless Lady

    I want to bite it. It looks delicious, like candy. The texture is eldritch and yummy.
  8. Fuzzy

    Sterling and GF HP4-1 by Lawless Lady

    Theres a joke about a white elephant in there, but its certain its not the maille. Nice job.
  9. Fuzzy

    Boxchain with Swarovski Cubes by Lawless Lady

    Cubes like Jolly Ranchers, rings like pretty-pretties. Nice work lady!
  10. Fuzzy

    Help a charity!

    They did it! Woohoo! 1,004,000 with 40 minutes to spare!
  11. Fuzzy

    Help a charity!

    Actually 2 of them. http://www.wolfire.com/humble You can pay what you want for these six games, and the money will be split as you choose between the charities and/or the developers. The games are all fun and quality. I've tried them all. Here is the catch: it ends in 1 hour! But if they crack 1 million(and they are so close!) the developers will release the source code for three of the games(lugaru, gish, penumbra). Help out the childs play charity http://www.childsplaycharity.org/ and the electronic frontier foundation http://www.eff.org/ . Help yourself to some nice games too. Oh I never mentioned that they work on windows, OSX and even linux! Help them out. I gave them 20 bucks a few days ago.
  12. Fuzzy

    Leather Corset

    This is awesome. You are awesome.
  13. how to get to sesame street?
  14. I used to use photobucket but they became distasteful. Something I was reading in the back room gallery made me think of sharing a better way of hosting images(and other things). What I have been using lately lets me share folders with my friends(I do a lot of programming now, and not really maille any more). Its called dropbox, and what I like about it is that the upload(and the download) happens automatically. I dont have to select a bunch of files. I just copy them into a folder. Basically you get a dropbox folder that is linked to one on their web site(and its the root, they cant go any where else in your drive). I can create a sub folder and send an invite to share it with specific people. In that case we each have a mirror of that folder. I also use it to sync things between my desktop and laptop. Installing dropbox with the same user on multiple computers gives each full shares between themselves(but still only as deep as the root dropbox). It is handy for dual booting too. As well, it can generate web links for sharing in email or at forums. Dropbox is free like most of the free image share sites. It has a referral program, with the basic dropbox giving you 2 gigs of storage, and up to 1 gig ( in increments of 250 megs) more if you get people signed up. Thats tons for me and I am maxed out anyway. Anyway, its a good multipurpose thing. It doesnt matter if its a jpg or a mp3, a movie, pdf, whatever... they will all work, which makes it a heck of a lot better than photobucket. As well there was no terms of use agreement(that I recall), and the software is open source. I figure its right up the alley of maillers. Since its a shared folder, you can draw on a picture and seconds after you save it the other person has an updated copy. Yes this also suggests that the purity of your copy is at the hands of other people, so dont keep your originals there. Your friends can delete them. Oh, and its available for windows, OSX and linux machines. That is part of the reason I like it. Chat protocols like msn and yahoo are not very friendly to chat programs other than their own(my gripe as a linux user). This side steps that entirely. I just have to tell them to look in their dropbox. If you are interested there is a nice little video explaining how it works - its easy - at https://www.dropbox.com - you can watch without installing. The installer asks you for an email as sign in, but I've never been prodded to check in for a message to deal with drop box. Not even a sign up verification. Anyway. I think my referrals are maxed out and the first paid level is 50 gigabytes for 10 bucks a month but I dont need it. If you want you can try my referral link - https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTM3MzU5MDE5 - but it doesnt not mean that we will have a shared folder. That is a separate process. Wow dont I sound like an infomercial? How do you write stuff like this and not sound like a paid shill? "more maillers prefer..." ugh.
  15. I'm not a musician, but if you pull my finger you will hear a tuba.