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  1. R666Rider

    tapestry project

    That's coming along beautifully.
  2. R666Rider

    chainmail knife handles

    It's an interesting idea. I think it may be a bit tricky if your looking to make some well balanced knives. If your goal leans more towards aesthetic appeal, I believe it would indead look really nice. There's one member here that makes pens and uses chainmail on the shaft of the pen. He coats it all in resin and then uses a lathe to bring it down to size and polish. His name is @PArmbrust on here and he might be able to give you some Ideas on doing it.
  3. R666Rider

    Getting started on a dice bag questions

    Typically, I use one 16ga 5/16" ring on the bottom to create a round bottom using 16ga 1/4" rings. I start with 8 rings on there and ad 8 rings every other row until I hit 40. I continue at 40 until I hit the size of the bag I want. below are the number of rings for each row (to include spacing between each extra ring added to creat the round bottom. row 1: 8 row 2: 16 (add expanding ring to each ring in row 1) row 3: 16 row 4: 24 (add expanding ring to every 2nd ring in row 3) row 5: 24 row 6: 32 (add expanding ring to every 3rd ring in row 5) row 7: 32 row 8: 40 (add expanding ring to every 4th ring in row 7) You could just add expanding rings to each row and get to 40 faster, but that will also cause the bottom to be more of a point rather than being able to sit flat.
  4. R666Rider

    My Jolly Roger is Completed

    Looking forward to seeing them when done, especially for the USMC.
  5. R666Rider

    Byzantine color combo ideas.

    I used some 20ga 7/64" Ti in green and brown with some SS (not sure on ga/ID) to trap beeds that turned out pretty nicely (at least in my opinion).
  6. R666Rider

    My Jolly Roger is Completed

    Love it.
  7. R666Rider

    tiny inlay

    Most of my smaller inlays I use 20ga 7/64", and stick with 16ga 1/4" when making dice bags. although I can manage to get decent inlays done on my dice bags, I'm particularly fond of using the 20ga 7/64" for inlays. Like with anything pixelated, smaller pixal means better quality image. I find the Knipex Narrow Nose Watchmakers Pliers work best for me when using those little rings.
  8. R666Rider

    Whew! New forum AND my login still works

    Things have quieted down a lot since I first started stalking the posts. Due to my upcoming move, I'll probably be taking a good 3 year hiatus before putting in some effort with making any mail again but will hopefully find the time to stalk the forums some more.
  9. R666Rider


    You are correct with your assumption. Before gifting it, I also stiched leather to the back of it. The outer ring is a stainless steel dreamcatcher ring I picked up at michaels. 3.5" diameter I believe.
  10. R666Rider

    Color pattern help needed

    Honestly, didn't even notice where the V came from when I pulled it from google. I was just looking for an easy and good looking V for one of my Marines to build a personalized coaster for him.
  11. R666Rider

    Color pattern help needed

    yes it is