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  1. Pammy

    New User Thread

    Thanks seems like an awesome bunch of folks.and nice to meet other ladies who rattle some chains for fun.
  2. Pammy

    New User Thread

    I was thinking the back would actually look kinda sexy scaled. But not happening. Thong it is. *sigh*
  3. Pammy

    New User Thread

    Thanks Brimley, for the welcome. I love the fact I can get lost in the pattern repititions. I set my alarm clock so I am up and moving about every hour or so. I fold a load of laundry and open more rings, then piece some together and it's time to do something else. (I have a 3 inch finishing nail to hang maille pieces from to keep my place and a couple colored rings to help me remember where I am in a pattern/weave.) Scrub the bathroom, wash dishes, or any of the other hundreds of things to do around the house. I take a bag to work to piddle with on breaks. It is a wonderful stress reliever. And , go Me, I haven't thrown the bag at anyone yet LOL
  4. Pammy

    New User Thread

    Well the good news is Yes, she wants a thong/brazillian style bottom. The bad news is she is a 36 DD with gravity issues she wants the top to help support. I suggested doing the dragon scale if she wanted a full backside. She said it'd be to much.... Thanks for the "giving" materials advice. Rope/metal burn would not be pleasant on the lady parts. And will do on the request.
  5. Pammy

    New User Thread

    Awesome why did you leave???? I love it here.
  6. I'm loving the gallery!! Lots of talent and creativity :)

  7. Pammy

    Help identify this weave, please?

    Nice! It'd look awesome as a pendant with a couple faceted stones nestled throughout it.
  8. Pammy

    Beaded Byzantine variant.

    Is this an original design? (please tell me no LOL I want that pattern ) I actually ordered some tiger eye rounds earlier to do a variation of this. (If I ever find the time to make myself something *sigh*) And you're welcome. It really is lovely.
  9. Pammy

    New User Thread

    Thanks for the welcomes LMAO Some days, after 18 hours straight, I feel ancient. I had a request for an estimate for an item today and have not a clue where to start. A maille bikini set. Tops I have done. Bottoms on the other hand....ummm noooooo. She asked about comfort issues..... Helloooo, it's metal on your lady parts, it's gonna be cold! (She doesn't want it lined!) I hope she does regular landscaping or this could become painful (heheheheh.) I'm still trying to figure out how to bring up the subject of hair pulling and maille. Any suggestions? LOL *smh* I can't wait till vacation!!! A whole WEEK! On a mountain in Tennessee! All by myself!!! Hopefully I find my patience, and last nerve, that was trounced on today.
  10. Pammy

    Beaded Byzantine variant.

    Now this is just lovely! I can so see it with some tiger eye or hematite beads. NICE work.
  11. Pammy

    Fixing Pliers

    I take my needle files to each new pair of pliers that I buy. I use the cheapy Home Depot Husky brand. I just file the teeth off and use them til they no loner align. I'm on my second set in 6 years, only because I lost my tool bag one eventful evening.... but that's another story LOL. The springs broke in my bent needle nosed ones, I just slipped the rubber grips down, slid a scrap piece of brass bracelet blank in them with a bit of JB Weld. *Poof* they're a little stiffer, but work just as well as before.
  12. Pammy

    New User Thread

    Hi. I'm new to this site and the chain. I've done a couple projects and became addicted. I love the intricate nature of chain maille. It keeps my hands and head busy Please add one woman to the list of folks who do "real jewelry making and chain maille." I live in the Dawsonville, Ga area. I am just getting started, but working every spare minute and dollar into inventory. I do some custom work for my biker friends/clients and for several who ride horses. Word of mouth is spreading. Orders are coming in and the local craft shops just got WAY to darn expensive for rings, so, I found this site. I'm learning. I'm female. I'm an old lady (44.) I make custom wire wrapped jewelry. I dabble a bit with beads, mostly semi and precious gemstones.I do jewelry repair. Heck, I don't do much of the frilly girly girl stuff except by special request, usually family. I can't do the biggo multi colored bead stuff, it gives me a head ache. I work 2 day jobs. One as kitchen manager and chief cook at a local bar, the other moonlighting and cleaning offices. Did I mention I am a raging insomniac? LMAO. It keeps the hands and mind busy and I enjoy making something for someone and seeing that little pleased smile as they hand me a chunk of change My first impression of this site is that it is going to be well worth joining. I can pick brains, share ideas, and learn something new. I have quickly become addicted to making maille jewelry and odd items for unique people.
  13. Pammy

    Guide on Tumbling

    Oh good lord.... I am more confused now than when I started reading . I'm looking into the tumblers since the room mates freaked about me washing jumprings in the washer *heheheh oops.* My next day off will be spent re-reading this and actually making sense of it ( I hope.) Now back to opening more rings for another bracelet. Hmmmm and I still have to place an order. Side note: Has anyone found a way to make your days off, real day job, longer for a more productive working session? LOL