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  1. questor

    North Texas Gathering...

    Well folks looks like I'm out for any gathering in aug. Work has sent me to Pueblo Co to work hail claims.
  2. questor

    North Texas Gathering...

    Well if folks are finding Sherman a bit too far to drive I'll see if the wife will let me host a gathering, (Carrollton) otherwise I'd be happy to drive to sherman to attend.
  3. questor

    They grow up so fast.

    My youngest just turned 15..... man time flew by quicker than I really thought it did and I'm feeling old today... lol He wears the same size shoe that I do and he's only a half inch from being as tall as I am.... sigh. At least I can still out weave him in chainmaile.
  4. questor

    Hotel suprise

    Getting away from the spiders..... anyone know what kind of lizard this is? I couldn't get close enough for more detail, but it has the strangest colors I've ever seen on a lizard.
  5. questor

    Hotel suprise

    See I don't just don't take pics of large spiders...lol They are just more fun.
  6. questor

    Hotel suprise

    Well they were both about as big as my hand. I know that doesn't help much but they are both two of the largest spiders I have ever seen.
  7. questor

    Hotel suprise

    This one chased the first one away.... lol so much for love. Too funny Phong.... thanks for the laugh.
  8. questor

    Hotel suprise

    I'm currently working hail claims in southwest Texas, and found this guy just outside the hotel. He wasn't happy about me and my camera.
  9. questor

    Japanese 12-2 necklace

    Very nice work.
  10. questor

    Newsish stuff.

    Just a few pieces that were made and sold earlier this year. My real life job called me out to work and I have not had a chance to photograph more at this time. Missed half of the faire as well. I swear the things we do to pay bills.... lol
  11. questor

    Ren Faire Tents

    I have to agree with Chainmailbill. I've had a 10x14 panther for 12yrs now and it has been amazing. It has held up to weather that has killed other period tents and is still going strong. IMHO forget the others, you can't go wrong with a panther.
  12. questor

    Take a look here for your work!

    He may have removed the photo's from his site but he still left a nasty blog message up regarding those that contacted him. http://reverendrobertsheppard.webs.com/apps/blog/ So much for his apology. Gotta love the fact that it's just not his fault.... lol
  13. questor

    Been a while.

    I'm finally back home after being on the road for a couple of months working. Found some time and a good use for some of the bronze I've had sitting around. I know it's not the best pic, but I'll take some better later.
  14. questor

    New piece

    They are spinner blades used on spinner baits for fishing.
  15. questor

    New piece

    She also purchased this one from me.