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  1. Rescyou

    Can you tessellate Reverse Tao Flower?

    Good find Zeroignite, The middle link (www.mailleart...ay.php?key=1013) is a regular or conventional tessalation of the Rev Tao Flower (or hexagon)
  2. Rescyou

    Can you tessellate Reverse Tao Flower?

    A tesselation of a standard 6 sided reverse Tao Flower would produce a honeycomb like structure, is that your intent?
  3. Rescyou

    stupid tumbler...

    Put your magnet in a thin sock, pick up your shot then double over the sock and all the shot should be contained within it.
  4. Rescyou

    CIR Starters

    If you get the right type of solder you can get a patina chemical at stained glass supply stores that will turn the solder a nice copper color so it will look natural. I use it for when I have to make fairly rigid structural components. It's definitely good when you have to solder large diameter copper rings to keep their strength and it your good with solder and a file you can make rings perfectly seamless. I would advise if you want to try this out to research the patina chemical further if you wanted to use it for conventional wearable chainmaille. This is the type of stuff you would be looking for: http://www.delphiglass.com/soldering-supplies/flux-finishing-chemicals/super-brite-copper-patina-for-solder
  5. Rescyou

    CIR Sheath

    I use it on some of my stuff because I do a lot of non-conventional CIR (3 link CIR / 3 sided) - If you look close at the pic, it's actually 4 link CIR and gets extremely hard to do in 6 link and near impossible to do without the sheath 8 link and up.
  6. Rescyou

    Captive inverted ring start, first time

    Greetings, I've woven about 500+ meters of the stuff for my sculptures and I find the best way is to get some copper rings close to the size you will be working with and weave about 5 sections, the old fashioned way. Wrap some wire around the ends and solder one of the center sections solid. Unlink the sections around the one you just soldered and you will have a nice solid starting point for your CIR. If you wrap paper around the CIR and then wrap tape over it, you can slide it up to lock the last CIR section in place if you have to leave to do something else. You can also keep sliding the sheath up as you work so it will keep the previous CIR section tight which will make it a lot less awkward. I put two pics in the MISC gallery of some of the CIR starters I use plus an example of a paper/tape sheath. http://www.theringlo...232-cir-sheath/ http://www.theringlo...1-cir-starters/ Resc
  7. Rescyou

    CIR Sheath

    When making long sections of CIR wrap paper around the CIR, then tape around it. Make sue it is loose enough to slide on the CIR. If you need to leave an unfinished CIR, slide the sheath up and it will lock the last section in place until you come back to it.
  8. Rescyou

    CIR Starters

    Various soldered CIR sections used to start a CIR weave
  9. Cap Invert Round
  10. Various pendants and tringkits.
  11. Rescyou

    Webbed Spheres 2nd Pic By Rescyou

    Non Standard
  12. Rescyou

    Tri Pyramid By Rescyou

    Cap Invert Round
  13. Rescyou

    Tetsu Too By Rescyou

    Cap Invert Round
  14. Rescyou

    Sun Pyramid By Rescyou

    Cap Invert Round
  15. Rescyou

    Sun Of Providence By Rescyou

    Cap Invert Round and Cap Orb Hex Cage