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  1. Greetings, I've woven about 500+ meters of the stuff for my sculptures and I find the best way is to get some copper rings close to the size you will be working with and weave about 5 sections, the old fashioned way. Wrap some wire around the ends and solder one of the center sections solid. Unlink the sections around the one you just soldered and you will have a nice solid starting point for your CIR.

    If you wrap paper around the CIR and then wrap tape over it, you can slide it up to lock the last CIR section in place if you have to leave to do something else. You can also keep sliding the sheath up as you work so it will keep the previous CIR section tight which will make it a lot less awkward.

    I put two pics in the MISC gallery of some of the CIR starters I use plus an example of a paper/tape sheath.




  2. I've used a shite load of 14g TRL copper and it is a lot stronger/harder then electrical copper.

    You can also probably use bronze rings in places where stength is needed, the color is about the closest match out of the stronger metals available.

    Here is some Bronze and Copper close together:


    One thing to remember is that with different metals, though their size may read 14-3/8" the actual diameters will be different because of the springyness of the metal. Even TRL copper rings are visibly larger then most electrical copper rings of the same mandrel OD.

    Also you can solder the copper rings in areas where strength is needed and then brush plate the solder with a chemical patina you can find at most stained glass art supply places.

    EG: http://www.alpineglass.com/shop/detail/1149

  3. Hiya,

    Sorry for the late reply, haven't been around much... been working my Uber Magum Opus sculpture ;)

    I'll try draw you something up on how I do it, but for now all I can offer are my gallery pics from Deviant Art that may help:

    Main Gallery: http://rescyou.deviantart.com/gallery/






  4. I spent many years yaking to people on many forums and have lots of plans etc. I build my own cnc machining equipment for making parts and gutted old turbo for blades or bought commecial blades from oil aircraft engines.

    Pulse-jet, especially valveless are easy to make.


    Thats a straight through junk of pipe, wht you see is all there is, very simple, very loud. Think of 100 shotguns going off a second... freakishly loud.

    I like valved pulsejets, they are more complicated but more powerfull.

    Basically what happens in pulsejet is a set of mini explosions. When you have an explosion, you have an immediate implosion, this sucks in air, mixes with fuel, explodes, sucks air, explodes...

    These guys are the best in the world when it comes to homemade pulsejets and some good stuff on turbine jets:


    They have free plans etc. and the forum guys are insanely smart when it comes to development if you're interested.

    I originally co-mingled my fountain addiction with the jet end of things, especially when it came to laminar development, so I developed technologies from each to develop some pretty funky stuff: Some of the types of fountains I make:


    Laminar water streams conduct light like fiber optics and laminar jet exhaust produces more thrust, well at least my laminar ducts do.

  5. dude...how the hell did you do that?...and yet a better question..whats it attached to? :D:beer:

    I use to be addicted to jet engines (before maille), especially pulse-jet engines and getting into rotary jet engines was the natural progression as I learned machining and built homemade CNC controls into my metalworking equipment. I built the one in the picture for testing homemade fuel injectors so it's pretty heavy duty. I've put them on carts/bikes and some of the smaller pulse-jets into RC planes for some dudes, freaking fast moving RC @ 130kph

    All my neighbors thought I was the Klopecs from the Burbs with all of the noise and lights coming from the basement ;)

  6. I just found these pics the other day and thought I'd share them:

    This one may look a tad blurry.. NOT! It was taken during a vehicle rescue in a ice storm with 50kph wind, it's horizontal ice/snow flying:


    Heading out on a water rescue during a storm, about an hour later our boat sank off a deserted island and we were marooned there.. a good time was had by all.......


    During a house fire a large power line snapped and near took out one of our Lt's, he had testicles of steel watching it dance around by him but staying still is the best bet in this situation:


    This is the same fire, nice pic in -30.....