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  1. If you get the right type of solder you can get a patina chemical at stained glass supply stores that will turn the solder a nice copper color so it will look natural. I use it for when I have to make fairly rigid structural components. It's definitely good when you have to solder large diameter copper rings to keep their strength and it your good with solder and a file you can make rings perfectly seamless. I would advise if you want to try this out to research the patina chemical further if you wanted to use it for conventional wearable chainmaille.

    This is the type of stuff you would be looking for:


  2. CIR Sheath


    I use it on some of my stuff because I do a lot of non-conventional CIR (3 link CIR / 3 sided) - If you look close at the pic, it's actually 4 link CIR and gets extremely hard to do in 6 link and near impossible to do without the sheath 8 link and up.