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  1. fliberdygibits

    Couple of questions returning to the craft

    I've already got a bunch of stainless, and copper in various hardnesses both 20 and 24 gauge that I've had for years as well as the mandrels for coiling it myself so I'd rather not buy premaid. I did have some modified side cutters and one other pair (don't remember where I got them) for smaller stuff and a pair of knipex for bigger stuff plus a few other assorted cutting tools which where all lost in a move a few years ago. Just looking to replace and wondered what people where using for those smaller gauges. Everything I have is wire I bought from Ringlord.
  2. Use did a lot of chainmailing a few years ago. I am trying to return to it but am finding a number of tools have gone missing. I prefer working in smaller gauges 20-24 or smaller even. My two questions: a) what would be a good recommended current method of cutting rings that small? Anyone have a go-to recommendation? b) focusing on those tiny rings gives me brain cramps now. Anyone have a recommended head worn magnifier or the like? Thank you!
  3. fliberdygibits

    Starting again

    So I'm getting back into chainmailing after a several year hiatus and I've got a few questions before I really dig in. So previously I did most of my cutting with any of a few different sizes of side cutters or end nippers. I mostly used "score and break". I've lost most of my tools during one of my moves so I need to replace them. I remember using the tools I did before every type of wire, every size of wire and every hardness of wire required a different cutter and / or a slightly different angle/method/technique. What I'll be starting with is some wire I still have that I work with a lot. about 10 pounds each of 20 gauge and 24 gauge stainless.... half hard I think. Would I be better off grabbing one pair each of the appropriately modified hard wire cutter or should I stick with the style tools I used before? Is there any significant advantage or disadvantage to either option or is it mostly just a matter of choice? Thank you very much!
  4. fliberdygibits

    Modifying Xurons

    Wasn't there an article or posting at one point with information (pictures maybe?) on how to modify your xuron hard wire cutters to cut small coils? Thanks.
  5. fliberdygibits

    Question about dust

    Not in anyone's defense OR opposition...... I tend in all things to operate on a better safe than sorry principal. I've had a single shaving of metal in my eye before and it inclines me to implement all the control I can over them..... zinc, iron, aluminum or otherwise:)
  6. fliberdygibits

    Question about dust

    Yep, I avoid welding galvy for the same reason. But I appreciate the info about the environmental concerns.... that's precisely what I wanted a second opinion on. I assumed it should be safe..... but you know what assumption does.... .makes an ass out of umption. That makes me feel better about just wrinsing them down the sink too. Thanks!
  7. fliberdygibits

    Wood lathe

    I'd like to say first .... Your mileage may vary.... I'm not responsible.... .blah de blah de blah....... I've got a little Rikon Variable speed lathe that will go WAY below the speeds listed on the chart further up. I think I can run it down to a few dozen RPMs before the speed controller faults and I have to reset it. I've got a foot switch just for on off and I coil rings on this thing constantly. I've also recently gotten a cutting jig setup on it using a jeweler's slotting blade and arbor. I still have to refine my design just to make it more permanent but so far it works like a charm! Now I wouldn't go out and buy a lathe JUST for this.... but if you have one anyway for other things..... OR if you find one cheap cheap or at a garage sale or something I'd say..... sure, it could work really well for you.
  8. fliberdygibits

    Question about dust

    So it needs some fine tuning but I've got a saw cutting rig setup finally on a Variable Speed Mini Lathe with a foot pedal. Same lathe I use to turn coils also. Makes me giggle like a dingbat to watch rings POOR out like a faucet after having cut them by hand for so long:) My question is I can see I'm going to accumulate alot of fine metal dust. I have a vacuum dust collector setup that grabs most of it but still after half a bucket of rings there's metal dust all in my rings, every time I reach my hand in I get glitter all over....... I wouldn't want to wrinse this down a drain, but can anyone think of ANY reason why I couldn't use a collander and a hose out in the yard to clean off my rings? What are YOUR procedures dealing with the metal dust in various parts of your procedures? Thanks:) P.S. - to ANYONE not yet decided on the merits of sawcuting I give you the following picture: And I simply say "20 Minutes!"
  9. fliberdygibits

    DIY Ring cutting machine....

    Yeah, I'm sure I can put something together. And I'm 90% of the way there, I was just looking for inspiration for specific designs:)
  10. fliberdygibits

    DIY Ring cutting machine....

    I've been out of the chain game for a while now and am dipping my toes again. I've got a mini lathe with a collet chuck and an arbor and jewels slotting blade that I'm making into a ring cutting setup. I can't for the life of me find any of the info (photos especially) on the coil guides that people have made. I can picture what I need to do but I'm TRYING to find some inspiration just to make SURE I get it right. Thanks.
  11. fliberdygibits

    Looking for rings....

    I've not been around in a while, but I'm getting back into mailing as well as other hobbies from which I'd taken a break. I wonder if anyone knows a place to get rubber and neoprene rings but in a larger size than typically used for chainmail? Specifically I am looking for rings in various color in the 2 inch diameter range. I figured a forum dealing with rings would be the best place to start this search. Thanks very much:)
  12. fliberdygibits

    16g Bright AL 10lbs for sale

    I havn't posted in a bit but I used be around quite a bit. I'm moving via airlines and I have one spool of 16g Bright AL a hair under 10lbs that's easier to sell than to move. Right now that amount would be about 70 bucks bought new. I think I got it for 60 or so plus shipping some time back where there was a special on 10lb spools. You pay the shipping on this plus 25 bucks and it's yours. I think a USPS flat rate large box would do and would cost about 15 bucks but don't quote me on that. Thanks for looking.
  13. fliberdygibits

    Been a while....

    My shop's been taken apart for a while, so I havn't made/posted anything in a bit. I made this piece some time back, but never posted it so here is my big entrance:) 24g Stainless 1/16 ID E4-1 Round Permy I shot it next to a watch to make sure the scale was obvious, and cause I had a watch.
  14. fliberdygibits

    A big pic of a necklace

    What an absolutely beautiful choker and an equally stunning model. I agree, I think we may be looking at calendar material here.
  15. fliberdygibits

    Fun picture

    I havn't got any pictures, nor do I have the cat, but the ONLY other time I've seen a cat do that was MY cat Fizgig. She was a fuzzy cat too like yours. I wonder if it's something specific to fuzzy cats? Adorable either way:)