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  1. Muspar

    NOV 2010 175.JPG

    That is really cool. How long did it take you to do this?
  2. Muspar

    Hauberk and coif

    The hauberk weighs 17 pounds (according to my bathroom scale, anyways). It took me a while to get the sleeves the way I like them but the final product actually allows a fair amount of mobility. I sacrificed upwards mobility (It's hard to lift your arms about shoulder height) but backwards and forwards is pretty good, I can even put my arms flat against my sides without being stabbed in the armpit Obviously 6-in-1 isn't as flexible as 4-in-1 but I can still bend my arms a fair bit.
  3. Muspar

    Hauberk and coif

    Thanks, Sir Osis. It's actually pretty comfortable to wear. I wouldn't mind selling it but I'm also happy to keep it for myself
  4. Muspar

    Full Rig.jpg

    Pretty cool
  5. Muspar

    Hauberk and coif

    This is my latest major project. The hauberk European 6-in-1 using 7/16" 14g aluminum rings (From TRL, of course). The coif is European 4-in-1 using 16g galvanized steel rings and I think the ID is 3/8". The coif was still a work in progress when this picture was taken, that's why it's so short.