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  1. Pacaro

    Scale Rings and Pliers - How To?

    Much as the idea of split rings flying all over the place is hilarious, I can sympathize and have myself attempted to destroy my vacuum with lost rings and bits of rings... This link might help... http://www.artbeads.com/howtousespri.html
  2. Yeah, I made 5 isosceles triangles, then just joined them together. At the top I needed to leave a few rings out because it wouldn't lay flat with so many rings in one place, but it was pretty straightforward
  3. Thank you! Thank you (I think) Hard to know how long it took me, I keep getting distracted and going off and doing other stuff, but I'd guess about 15 hours or so. I'm hand winding the rings on a piece of SS from my miter saw, so that is taking longer than it should. I'm waiting on a TRL order that should arrive tomorrow, so that will be the end of winding and cutting for me! I have arthritis, so minimizing the manual stuff is an easy call for me.
  4. This is the first maille project that I started, but the third that I finished... (two jewelery projects intervened, I'll post pictures when I borrow a decent camera) Profile view (it's all done with mirrors) Front view, a little washed out by glare from the lights Stats: Aluminum (Electric fence wire) 17ga 1/4" E4-1 5 triangles stitched together then just lots of rows. About 2500 rings I originally did the edge with HP3-1 all round, but then I couldn't get it on my head. So then I removed every 4th ring from the HP3-1 which looked kinda cool, but still too tight, so finally removed the center ring from every other triplet in the edge which fits, but doesn't look so cool. I may have to rummage around in the garage and see if I have something that I can use as a slightly larger mandrel. Cheers, Paul
  5. Pacaro

    my helmets and a question

    If for some reason you do want to get hold of some real gold, without breaking the bank, then any good art supply store will sell gold leaf, an entire book can be a little expensive, but some places will sell a few leafs. It is the strangest stuff, the gold has been rolled/hammered so thin that you need to close windows, turn of the A/C before working with it, but with a little practice you can gild just about anything. Great for personalizing everything from leather bound notebooks to spice jars to laptops and cellphones. Just paint the design that you want in a very thin layer of size (a special glue) and, when the glue is almost entirely dry, lay a layer of gold leaf on it (i use a fine paint brush for this) and then gently rub the gold onto the size. When it has fully taken, a thin coat of varnish helps preserve the gilding if it will be rubbed a lot.
  6. Pacaro

    my helmets and a question

    So gold is trading at approx $1000 per ounce. One troy ounce is roughly 31 grams, so if you paid $4 and got more than 0.1 grams of metal, then the metal isn't gold. Even if the metal was only 1% gold, 4$ would only buy you 10 grams (1/3 oz)
  7. I love your work. Using a 2 Euro coin for scale is an awesome touch - for reference that's a whisker over 1 inch in diameter, about 1mm less than the US dollar coin
  8. Pacaro


    I'm convinced that it is entirely deliberate. It's in their interest for each delivery method to be at the slow end of the predicted range, not the fast end. They are hoping that you'll pay them more to not leave your stuff laying around for a day or two.
  9. Pacaro

    Hooves weave bracelet

  10. Pacaro

    Anyone do any silver casting?

    I haven't done any silver casting in nearly 20 years, but without access to decent equipment, I always had my best luck with cuttlebone. For me it was free (a quick trip to the beach would be enough to find all I needed), and it is very easy to work with. The downside is that the technique is almost entirely different, you typically either carve the design directly into the cuttlebone, or have a male blank that you press into it to make the mold, then carve the sprues etc...