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  1. I have 4 patches of finished chainmaille made from TRL machine cut stainless steel 16g 5/16" (SS16516) to go. There are 3 that are 15 x 200 rings (9000 rings) and 1 that is 15 x 100 (1,500 rings). All the rings were cleaned and tumbled before assembly.

    If you are wanting to make a hauberk like the one shown on www.bladeturner.com, this is a quick boost as it more than half the rings that you will need to finish.

    Price is $18US per 1,000 plus shipping.




  2. Just realized, I thought they were steel scales with aluminum plating. Sorry x-x The group I play with doesn't allow aluminum scales.

    Alright no problem. 


    I do have a supply of 10x10 diamond shaped sheets that are made from nickel plated steel scales.  They are identical to the original TRL large scales.  Some are made with split rings, otherwise 16g 5/16" stainless steel.  Many loose ones as well.  How many scales do you think your project will require?

  3. I tried powder scales with limited success.  Instead contracted a local professional powder coater to do the job for me.  They are awesome.  This was several years ago. I had them coat virtually all the common TRL scales.  The real key is prep and even coating of powder.  I had some candy apple red and purple done on stainless clad aluminium and they are simply stunning.

  4. It is actually very easy.  Use the same size rings as you use for the scales. If you look at the weave pattern you can see it is actually Euro 4.1 with a missing ring (the pattern is really Japanese 4.1).  Think of the scale as a ring.  The sample patch in the previous post is a good example.  If you could see the reverse side (*hint*) it would be very obvious how to proceed.  Weaving the attached e4.1 at 90 degrees can be done but the results are not good.  The resulting piece does not hang well.  You can also easily attached Japanese 4.1 and 6.1 using the same sized rings joined with smaller rings.

  5. Just curious to see if anyone has attempted a scale maille cape previously.

    Ive looked everywhere i could and seen some that go upto the waist, but have there been any that go from the shoulder and reach past the knee?

    My immediate concerns are the weight, but sure i can do something to distibute the load when carrying it.

    The next thing is the scale qty. My height is 5"7 so a quick calculation gives me approx 10K to 12K small scales. Assuming i make it 4 feet high with a tapering out design towards the bottom.

    Im wondering if this is something that is just too ridiculous to attempt?

    Make it with small black plastic scales with stainless steel rings.  I have several large pathces and it looks very cool.  Not ridiculous.  PM me.

  6. I have a large quantity of the old TRL discontinued stainless steel clad aluminium scales that I would like to get rid of.  Many loose ones and a lot assembled into 10x10 diamond shaped patches using 16g 5/16" stainless steel rings.  There is more than enough to make 1 or 2 full vests.  I am only wanting the cost of supplies and shipping.  PM me for details.

  7. What is the AR for rings made from square wire?  How do you determine it?  I think the answer is not straightforward.  When calculating, do you assume that the wire "diameter" is the wire thickness?  Or do you assume it is the diagonal length (when wire is viewed in cross section)?  Or is it weave dependant?  I notice that TRL does not specify an AR for rings made from square wire.