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  1. FireChickNY

    How Much Silver to Order

    Is there a way to buy the rings pre-tumbled? Thanks for the help everyone, I'm used to SS 16516 Square Rings for wallet chains but decided I wanted something to wear. Thinking I'm going to look into an 18g triple connected.
  2. FireChickNY

    Black Stainless

    Any chance at blackened Square Wire in the future? I'm looking specifically for 16516
  3. Any chance of blackened SS Square Wire becoming available in the future? And if so when??? I apologize if this has been asked before, I've been away a long long time...
  4. FireChickNY

    How Much Silver to Order

    I'm new to working with smaller rings and having to calculate ring amounts due to the cost of silver. I want to make for myself a silver byzantine bracelet. I wear a 9-10" bracelet and prefer a bit chunkier of a piece. More of a men's weight/guage. Suggestions please???
  5. FireChickNY

    What about nothern Cali?

    I'm on the Peninsula just 5 blocks or so from SFO...