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  1. shylock

    Capture Inverted Round

    I have used 18 1/4 for this weave - I alternated between 1 captive ring and 2 captive rings and it gave it a nice shape, not too loose, not too stiff. I always start with a twist tie as well!
  2. shylock

    Clasp suggestion?

    I have purchased those clasps . . . super cheap and they don't tarnish like the micheals ones. maybe one in every 20 is a dud; but they're so cheap, it's worth it! The smaller ones are a bit harder to clasp, but that is expected. I would also suggest TRL's toggle clasps - I used to buy mine at walmart and I wondered why people used them because they were such a pain with the very long toggle to get hooked, but wow, TRL actually makes ones where the bar is the perfect size for the circle!
  3. shylock

    18g 1/4

    That is pretty much my main jewelry size . . as has been mentioned, it's the happy-medium size for a man or woman. I personally think full persian looks quite awesome with it . . . you asked for some pics, so here's some examples of different weaves with 18 1/4 - - - please ignore any bad closures, etc using primarily 18g 1/4: Full persian (and more b/c I LOVE it!!)))) HP 4 in 1 HP 4 & 3 in 1 (the rainbow one on the far left is only aluminum; the others are 18g 1/4 AA with 16g epdm) 3 in 1 on it's own . . . little loose, but very nice for a bracelet CIR Euros (kingsmaille & 6-1) 18 g 1/4 with partner rings: Helm with 20g 5/32 HP 3 in 1 with 16g epdm I've been happy with my primary ring size being 18g 1/4 . .. good luck to you!
  4. shylock

    boba fett 01

    omg . . truly amazing!
  5. shylock

    my first real attempt at a shirt

    thank you ... and lol, I would be a bit too shy for nothing underneath . . . still haven't found the perfect shirt to wear under either
  6. shylock


    2 glass pendants 20G 1/8 BA HP3-1
  7. shylock


  8. shylock

    my first real attempt at a shirt

    totally inspired by SilentThunder & chainmailbill as seen in this post 18G 1/4 bright & black ice anodized aluminum with rubber for the straps
  9. shylock

    HP 4-1 Starter Chain

    bah . . i was going to send you the link i used for a tut but alas, the site is gone . . . . anyway, i thought it would help because it took me FOREVER to figure out 3 & 4-1 . . . i don't use a starter chain, but I do use a twist-tie or a piece of wire when I start it out until it's a stable chain. hope that helps a bit!
  10. almost doesn't mind not having a life because that means more time for mailling!

  11. shylock

    CD Rack (Pics!)

    WOW! insanely flippin amazing!
  12. This is prob going to end up to be a novel, but I need some help, so I hope you all bear with me . . . first of all, I am just awful with patterns, following tutorials, and thinking theoretically as far as maille goes; though, I've made a lot of nice stuff. This is how my first shirt is coming along - i started out with the bra b/c I want a shirt more fitted at the top and looser at the bottom to mimic a baby-doll shirt/teddy kind of thing. All made with 18g 1/4" BA. I followed a tutorial drom maile artisans. Triangles were e-4 in 1 triangles, stitched together, attached to an e-6 in 1 row i had to split in the middle b/c the triangles were running opposite ways (I have no idea how this happends - an example of maille properties I don't understand lol). Straps are euro-6. Pics: See, really i liked how it turned out, but I put a lot of work into it and I think it could be so much better Close ups: K, do you notice the sagging?? Hard not to . . . I HATE how it sags right at the middle bottom of the cup like that!! Is there any way to remedy this or did I just totally use the wrong ring size and now I am stuck with it? and the loose-ness on the sides really bugs me as well . . . can i fix this? And now for the theoretical question - if I do decide to continue on and extend it into a shirt, if I attach E4 to the bottom, but leave it open in the back . . maybe like an upside-down "V" in the back (like a backwards teddy), will it hang alright, or will it be too loose, should I maybe use e6 to extend into a shirt? Thank you all SO MUCH for your help!!!!!
  13. Well, thanks to ALL of your wonderful help, i finally got it!! then proceeded to maille straight through a whole weekend. thanks for all your help! then i moved right on to 4 in 1 i can't believe how easy it actually is!! thanks again . . . i love the forums!
  14. shylock


    Love the triangles! beautiful!! and as someone who just finally figured out HP 3-1, i totally appreciate the GFD! looks great!