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    amazing, what ring sizes?
  2. Ninjafudo


    I think this is computer generated .. but you could probably do it with.... anything that has an AR higher than 3.4 http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/weavedisplay.php?key=21 These would probably work best with the 1/8" being a little on the bigger side and the 7/64" just a little less big Best=24 g 5/64"ID, AR 4 22 g 3/32"ID, AR 4 Okay=20 g 7/64"ID AR 3.5 20 g 1/8" ID AR 4 These are probably too big but would make good small bracelets/necklaces if you have time ... just remember that they unravel if not twisted before connecting or clasping. 19 g 9/64" ID AR 3.6 19 g 5/32" ID AR 4 18 g 11/64" ID AR 3.6 18 g 3/16"ID AR 4 I would use any kind of metal you want. If you want to get fancy get sterling or fine silver or gold fill, if you want to just have something mildly durable and wearable I'd go with stainless steel.
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    Japanese Ring

    Yeah what sizes ^_^!
  4. RazorCandi's HandFlower
  5. Ninjafudo

    Japanese Valentine's Day Dreamcatcher.

    Like those two said, very nice. Makes me want to make one now lol
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    jens pind close up.JPG

    RazorCandi's HandFlower
  7. Ninjafudo

    jens pind close up.JPG

    jens pind 20 gauge 3/32" ID stainless steel... and yes I see some bad closings... lol... I tried to slip it on my pinky, it split some of them apart, and i was too lazy to fix it...
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    close up euro 4 in 1 on bias.JPG

    RazorCandi's HandFlower
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    close up euro 4 in 1 on bias.JPG

    euro 4 in 1 on a bias, 20 gauge 3/32"ID Stainless steel rings
  10. Ninjafudo

    Blue Bracelet 2.jpg

    Yeah what sizes?
  11. Ninjafudo


    Looks like twinkle and icing death? I forgot who made those... Albion?
  12. Your site is awesome. and for being 35 You look great ^_~

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    Help with pricing

    .... :: Grumpy ::.. I know all the posts about pricing but i thought id get something actually useful.
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    Help with pricing

    bah-leted. Not much help.... i just decided on my own. and it didnt matter.... :: crabby crabby crabby ::
  15. Simple full Persian heart with rings added in for support and color. uses 18 gauge 1/4" ID stainless steel (yes it is possible to do the split.. just a pain in the A$$.... and 16 gauge 1/4 " ID Anodized aluminum
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    What are the specs? Rings size and ID?
  17. Ninjafudo

    Brass plated rings

    KETCHUP!!!!!! FOR SERIOUS!... don't believe me, just try it.. that liquid stuff no one wants to taste on the top before you shake it works the best, but it works otherwise too.
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    20 Sided Die

    I made a 20 sided die (singular) for my art class using 14 gauge 3/8"ID galvanized rings around 14 gauge wire-framed triangles with 30 gauge wire dream catchers weaved in the middle. Here is a picture half done Here are some more pictures at various angles *********************************************UPDATES Shown BELOW***********************************
  19. Ninjafudo

    20 Sided Die

    Well its later than tomorrow but I updated the pictures on the original post to show the leather numbers I put on and the more solid construction I used to join the triangles. There is also a better picture of how I weaved it. It's not sturdy enough to roll around on the ground (as long as its a flat place with no bumps or something.. like no logs.. that would break the dream-catcher weaved stuff.). In any case enjoy!
  20. Ninjafudo

    20 Sided Die

    I am going to attach leather numbers tomorrow ^_^... and yes it does kinda move/flex a little bit when you put it on a flat surface, but I'm going to be fixing that soon hopefully since I Just thought of a better joining method. As far as weight... I have nothing that could measure it accurately, but its "pretty heavy", as I've heard from some . Btw did you change your name?
  21. Ninjafudo

    20 Sided Die

    I Don't really know how to explain it really... its like a box made around a wire. Its a captive weave I suppose because of that. It is very simple. It is perhaps box 2 in 1 chain? some rings are connected to only two rings while some are connected to four. Together they surround the wire-frame.. which are just 20 individual triangles wrapped in that weave i explained and then connected in about 4 places on each triangle "hinge" area.
  22. Ninjafudo

    Is chainmail art?

    What is art? What isn't art? I think it is whatever you want it to be. Some guy even thinks this is art and its world famous ... He took a urinal and called it "fountain" and put it on a pedestal. There it is in the picture, in an art museum. Of course it is kind of a double meaning ..... see.. people look at it and think.... "that isnt art"... it is just a urinal some guy took and put his name on (not even his name)... But by calling it fountain... maybe he is saying something about what people consider art.... .. Like they are drinking from a urinal so to speak.... anyways.. I wouldn't bother too much about it. I think we all know Maille can be art.. and in other cases.. it could be considered just a chain... or just some metal... its in the eye of the beholder I think.
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    Aluminum jewelry coming apart

    I think your problem is that 1. You are using Aluminum and 2. you are using 20 GAUGE?!?! 3. you are not using stainless steel. I would use stainless steel for your issue because... 1. It is strong 2. It can be polished to look quite nice 3. it isn't aluminum. I would also insist moving up a grade in gauge... maybe to 19 or 18 gauge. Internal diameter makes a big difference too when it comes to ring strength. When in doubt, make the ID smaller.
  24. hey there is a picture I think in braclets (don't quote me) called "flower.jpg"

    It is listed as mine, or that I posted it, but It isn't my work and I didn't post it.

  25. hey there is a picture I think in braclets (don't quote me) called "flower.jpg"

    It is listed as mine, or that I posted it, but It isn't my work and I didn't post it.