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  1. What ring sizes do I need in fractional inch measurments, to make overlapping scale flowers with small scales? I hate directions in metrics. I don't get them.

    1. Daemon_Lotos


      If you mean: http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.cgi?key=150998

      The answer is: There are no easy Imperial Equivs... 16g SWG 3/8" and 1/4 *MIGHT* work, or might be WAY too tight...

      16g SWG 7/16 and 5/16 *will* work, but probably be too floppy.

      Trial and error, I'm affraid.

    2. twilightbanana


      The ones I make use only 16 ga. 3/8" rings.

  2. Ninjafudo

    Help with dragon scale

    I've done dragon scale in a couple different sizes. The best one I've found (and the fastest) has been using 16 gauge 5/16" ID stainless steel for the small rings and 12 gauge 1/2" ID stainless for the large rings (I used blackened stainless in the picture i've attached below which I think looks extra cool). This lets you use the 12 gauge 1/2" rings you wanted to use and it would be a great response to "kinda small looking". lol, if he wants big, that's big. ~Steve
  3. I will be a jeweler someday. Can't wait to get more into it in school.

  4. Ninjafudo

    byzantine necklace

    A phoenix? Thats kanji for fire right?
  5. making rings out of rings ^_^

  6. Pissed off that I lose at HoN so bad.... ran out of time to make chanimail... video games really are a waste of time, I could have been making something >:(

    1. Ninjafudo



    2. Nevar


      yeah... I've been slacking to off to play fable. I beat it, so back to mailling I go.

  7. Ninjafudo

    Cd rack01 04

    I want a dresser like this lol, how much did all of those rings cost? did you make them yourself?
  8. Full Persian crosses, 3/32" ID 24 gauge stainless steel (center) and gold fill (left and right) Gold fill includes white, yellow, and rose gold.
  9. Are comments working on gallery pictures yet?

    1. strhunter2


      looks like it to me

    2. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      they have always worked for me - if you have a screen shot I will need to see it again. I wasn't able to see it last time.

    3. Ninjafudo


      Oh nevermind i got it to work, but if you click under "comment on this image" then click add comment, it doesnt work.

  10. is so frustraited when the last ring doesn't go in... and how much of a pain it is when you're workin small enough that 1/64" makes a HUGE difference.

  11. i f-in hate when rings dont work.. when a weave is too tight and being a pain in the ass

  12. can't wait to finish this customer order

  13. all of the gold fill i scratch goes into a pair of earings for my girlfriend :P, at this rate she'll have some in no time.

  14. Got my gold fill order... Its hard to tell the diff. between rose and yellow gold when together in full persian... when its 24g 3/32"

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      full sunlight! sounds like you need better lighting.

  15. haha, I found this humorous. http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/alternative_energy_revolution.jpg Do you get it?
  16. I agree with osis there, me and a raging thunderstorm have more in common.

  17. Ninjafudo

    more weaves

    I agree. For my two cents, I remember when someone chewed me out for asking a question ... I got the... "you should have looked back in the forum because this question is answered half a billion times something else something else" something like that.. but the impression that left on me was that first off, this person didnt want to answer my question and i didn't want to ask anymore questions. Infact in terms of chainmail making.. i was done for awhile... If I couldn't ask a simple question without getting that answer, it wasn't a community i wanted to be apart of for awhile.... asking a simple SIMPLE question in the hopes of an answer.. then getting that response basically telling me i was stupid to ask... ReAlLY?! Really?! ... second of all there are a lot of questions I could ask and not find answers for in a day related to chainmail... the search functions of this forum aren't rocket science but sometimes you have to read a bunch of stuff that doesn't even relate to what you want to know.... and you might , after reading all that junk, not even find the answer.... so... sometimes it *IS* easier to ask a question. But easier is also better. Right? If you don't want to be the guy answering the question but know the answer, I'd rather not be told at all if you're going to give me crap about asking, its that simple, Like Daemon_Lotos said. Also.... I like it when people ask simple questions I know the answers to or have opinions on.... it makes it feel like I can contribute something, which I enjoy doing and spending time doing. Its no trouble at all. 2 cents
  18. Ninjafudo

    Open Weave Dream Catcher

    Is that aluminum coaxial cable around the outside?
  19. Ninjafudo

    full persian cross small and large earing closeup.JPG

    24 g, 3/32" ID
  20. Ninjafudo


    what ring sizes? gauges ID's etc... ?
  21. Ninjafudo

    metalhead and/or goth + copper

    Maybe blackened stainless steel? or heavy gauge anodized black aluminum? Maybe they wouldn't like the lightness of the aluminum, but perhaps the blackened stainless steel would be your best bet. Also maybe consider going heavier than 18 gauge. 16 and 14 gauge perhaps even? Also consider buying some leather chunks and integrating them in, goths and stuff like black leather and leather in general... who doesn't? Leather is such a good hardy material to work with. I love it. ~Steve
  22. Is your name related at all to escrima?

  23. Ninjafudo

    more weaves

    Bah! don't listen to Sir Osis (No offense Broski Im only kidding). lol... It depends on what you want to make!, a bracelet... probably not, but anything bigger is a maybe, ... well idk.. but I love half persian 3 in 1 sheet 5!!!! Seriously try it even if its not elegant or slim or anything. http://cgmaille.com/tutorials/hpsheet5.shtml It looks awesome I think. Elegant as a bracelet or necklace or anything else at 16 g?? idk Probably not at all...... but if you were creative i bet you could make something elegant and slim for a woman.. in proportion to a woman as opposed to her arm... perhaps a purse? .. that would be a pretty damn sweet purse. She would be the envy of every other woman. Other than that... it might also not be slim... or in some ways I suppose it would be.. , but anyways you could do a simple spiral 4 in 1 pattern, but like sir Osis said, it might not be too slim looking unless you're looking at that part that only shows the width of a single ring or whatever.. idk.. anyways hope that helps ~Steve
  24. Yeah I did too, they are quiet awesome... for that... you have my envy... Grrrr